Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I am really excited to share with you about All’asta. All’asta is Itallian for auction.

All’asta is a new fun way to have a home party but with a twist! All’asta is a party that is part silent auction and part catalog.

How it works is you invite some friends/family/church ladies/ work ladies/ etc. over for some fun! They each will bring 1 to 3 items that they no longer have a use for. It could be a gift that just wasn’t right, a blouse that no longer fits, jewelry that no longer gets worn, purses, bags, home decor, books, home made items, anything that still has a purpose but just isn’t being used. They will get a 50% commission on the items they bring. Guests at the party will bid silently, on paper, on the items brought. Once bidding is complete your guests will have a decision to make they can either take the money (yes cash money!) earned on their “old” stuff OR they can use what they earned to purchase some new items from the All’asta catalog.

Sounds fun right!?

 But the best part is for the hostess! For inviting her friends over she gets to put as many items in the silent auction as she wants! Much more fun than a yard sale! She also has the opportunity to earn free product and ½ price items out of the catalog. As well as a hostess special! Lots of goodies for my hostess’!

All’asta is all about re purposing. Many of the items in the catalog have been brought back to life and turned into something new and useful!

 I also wanted to say that this is way out of my comfort zone to do something like this. I have been thinking of joining All’asta for a while now and finally took the plunge. I am glad I did because I learned that I am the ONLY consultant in Arkansas at the moment. That is very exciting to me.

I hope you will consider having your own All’asta party. I am offering an incentive to my first 5 hostess that book parties! I will provide all the food and drink for your guests. All you have to do is gather up some ladies over for a few hours of fun! (Also I wanted to add please don’t let not wanting to do it at your house be a deciding factor in having a party, if you are interested I will find you someplace to have your party!)

Another way to get the hostess rewards would be to have a catalog or Facebook party! The only thing is you wouldn’t have the auction part of it.

I will be having a ‘kick off’ party at my house on January 26th at 3:00 and you are all invited to come and see what this is all about, I would love love love to show you!

Last but not least I want to offer something to my very first customers, any order placed before the end of the month I will pay shipping. So all you pay is the price of the item and tax :)

I would love to send anyone who wants one a catalog to look at and if you have any questions at all please call or text me 479-597-0831 I would love to hear from you!

If you made it through all that you most definitely deserve a cookie ;)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year and a Resolution!

We had a really good Christmas (need to get post up soon!) and a pretty good New Years.
Brent has been working some crazy hours so it's been a little tough without time off to just relax.
Luke and I drove to Conway to stay with him for New Years, that was really fun. We ate at Table Mesa and it was amazing! Best mexican food I've ever had!

I still can't believe it's a new year and I'm still having a hard time remembering to write 2014 on things.

I am very very excited about the coming the year, obviously. Baby Lane will make his appearance in a few short months, we have so much to get ready for him but in the same breath I feel more than ready for him. I feel like I have been waiting on him a long time :)

This year also holds a lot of change. Change scares me more than anything else in the world. I am not good with change, hence only having 3 jobs and living in 4 homes my entire life. I am a girl of habit.
But this year will bring some very big changes to my family and to me as a person. Good ones, don't get me wrong. Ones I have longed for and prayed for but change none the less.

So my word for 2014 is inevitably CHANGE. I will have to get used to a new life. One with two boys. One with twice the love yet twice the responsibilities. I am excited yet scared too.

In thinking of my life last year and the coming year I have made my new years resolution to be more present in my home. As embarrassing as it is to say social media sometimes takes over my days. Yes my days. I find myself on in all.the.time. There has been more than once that Brent and I will be watching a movie or t.v. show and I will be on FB and he gets upset because my phone light is making it distracting for him. 

I have wrote about this before but still struggle to find a good balance.
I know it's because I am a social person that I have this problem, I love chatting with ladies about things on Facebook I love looking at pictures of cute kids on Instagram I love sharing my own life with others. But most days I have been so distracted with FB and Instagram I am ignoring the people I love the most. The ones in my home who are right there needing and wanting my attention, and who deserve it more than anyone.
So my 'plan' (I use that term loosely because it will have to evolve over the coming months do to some changes *see above ha!) is to stay off social media in the evenings. During the day (at work) I can get on as much as my heart desires but once I am in my car leaving for the day, it's done. I will allow myself to answer texts and phones calls in the evenings but just not get on FB and such. Once I am at work the next morning I will be back on :) I am still unsure of my weekend 'plan' but I feel like weekdays are a good place to start.

Also I will stop biting my fingernails! This has been my resolution for about 10 years and I am still working on it! ha!

So do you have any resolutions? What does the year have in store for you?