Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 things I love about you....

Next month is mine and Brent's 5th anniversary since we started dating! My how things of changed since then. Every year I wonder if we will still be as in love as we were then. Some days things aren't perfect and we get on each others nerves or we don't give all we should to the other. Some days run like a well oiled machine and while nothing significant happens all is good. And some days we get a glimpse of the carefree couple we once were. Brent is my everything he makes my life so good and I could never thank him enough for being a great husband and father.

Here are 10 of the many things I love about you!
  • I love that when we leave each other you always make sure we kiss goodbye, even if I am just going on a walk or running to the store.

  •  I love that no matter what my question you almost always know the answer, you are so smart and have a ton of common sense :)

  • I love that whenever I start talking about our future babies you always smile, I know you dream of them like I do.

  • I love the passion you have for life and you never let it slip you by.

  • I love that no matter what I cook you will always eat it and sometimes you even try and convince me that it was good.

  • I love that when you are gone and come back home you always tell me and Lucas that you missed us.

  • I love that you never get lost and if I am lost and call you always get me back on the right track.

  • I love your work ethic and hope all our kids inherit that!

  • I love how on the weekends you always make sure we do something fun as a family.

  • I love that you take Lucas outside to play and teach him the rules of playing sports.

  • I love that you always look so handsome no matter what you wear, how grown out your beard is or how long your hair you can pull anything off.

  • I love that you choose me everyday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If you have been wanting to order now is the time! Book party will be open through tomorrow!

Love this razorback one! Perfect for a big fan for Christmas!

Cute pumpkin one is the warmer of the month so it's on sale for $27!

Love the owl and he can be used year around!

And the holiday collection! So cute and perfect for Christmas gifts!

Also my favorite smells of the the season are Apple Press and Pumpkin Marshmallow they certainly make it feel like fall!

Let me know if you would like to order or smell some samples!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture Catch-up!

Luke's first long sleeve shirt of the season! Still to warm for pants and long sleeves but I can't wait for him to start wearing all his new fall clothes!

Oh these two! My goodness do they spell trouble!

Racetrack right though the living room! Daddy built that if you couldn't tell! ha!

New granite was installed last Thursday! I am so in love! I love my sink and I really love the extra 20 inches we added with the new cabinet! I'm really starting to see that this kitchen will be gorgeous and I'm afraid I won't ever want to leave.....

Red Lobster for dinner requested by Mr. Lucas! He loves shrimp and now if you ask him where he wants to go eat its either McDonald's or Red Lobster! ha!

Brent has been working a ton lately and has been away from home a lot but surprised me on Saturday night with this! YummO! I really want to go the restaurant now and try a bunch more flavors!

While daddy is away we have been trying to keep our spirits up! Fro yo does the trick!

Friday at work we got to wear jeans and a razorback shirt for spirit day! I loved getting to wear my Toms too!

Saturday morning we went and had breakfast with a special friend! Luke was SO excited to see Ronald when we got there they played and he talked to him the entire time! We stayed for an hour but left so Ronald could spend some time with other kids Luke was hogging him! ha!

They also had face painting and Lucas came up with this all on his own, a kitty with a green nose! He's so funny!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Life has been kinda crazy this week with Brent being outta town some and having to get the kitchen ready for new counter tops! I had to completely remove our old back splash by myself Wednesday night, I have never had to do anything of that nature so I was nervous about messing something up but I got it done! I was SO proud of myself!
  • Our granite is being put in right now! I am so excited about it and more so about my new sink! It's under mounted and is one big basin instead of being separated, perfect for bathing babies in ;)
  • Even though Brent being away from home is hard sometimes when he tells me he missed me those little "breaks" are so worth it!
  • Luke is still having a hard time adjusting to his new teacher, I know he is ok once I leave but he holds on to my leg every morning not wanting me to leave, it breaks my heart and at the same time I don't want it to end.
  • But on a good note Luke is still doing amazingly well sleeping in his own bed! he is asleep by 9:45 almost every night, we have a really good routine down, and he is staying in his room all night long now. As sad as it was to make him transition to his own bed I know it is what is best for us. We are all sleeping so much better, Brent and I actually have time in the evenings together to watch t.v. or talk without interruption, and I knew once baby #2 was in the mix Luke would have to be in his own room to even get sleep so I knew it was what we needed.
  • Speaking of Luke sleeping, I guess though all this he has discovered his "comfort items" I had to write this down because it makes me laugh, they are George the monkey (he's been around for a while), a little stuffed Lorax that came with his new dvd (cooper is constantly trying to get this thing, it's the only toy of Luke's he is remotely interested in!), and one of his baby blankets. He will tell me when I am laying him down "I've got all my animals" ha!
  • With Halloween right around the corner I am slowly planning a Halloween party for Luke and all his little friends, Oh I can't wait to see them all dressed up! I'm thinking for games I will do "pumpkin heads" I'll get all of the kids a little pumpkin and they can stick potato head pieces in it and "picking for apples" kind of a play on bobbin of apples but less messy and gross! Instead of using your mouth to grab an apple they will just pick them up out of the water with their hands and I'll have a corresponding prize, I know seems kinda lame but I think I can get away with it at this age, well see.... mostly I think they will just have fun running around and eating candy! ha!
  • This week and next I am having a Scentsy book party so if you need any yummy fall scents let me know! I think my new absolute favorite is Apple Press so great for fall!
  • No big plans for the weekend just kitchen stuff, that excites me and exhausts me saying that! I'm so ready to have it done so I can start decorating it and cooking!
  • I guess that's all I got! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Lucas.....

Sometimes I wonder if I should rename my blog, it is much more about him than anyone else! ha!
Lucas is such a joy, such a ham and SO funny! He really feeds off of others and learns how to make them laugh. He loves to dance still. We keep thinking one day he will get to shy and stop but nope he will dance anywhere we are. He sings "shake your tail" while wiggling his booty or he'll sing "I like to move it buddy" over and over and dance himself crazy!

Lately he comes up to Brent or I and asks "can I run around" we'll say sure and he takes off runs laps around the house, so funny!

If he gets in trouble he tells us "I'm not your friend anymore" and storms off to his room.
When someone does something sweet he will say for days "so and so did this and that was so nice" most recently it's been "Ethan brought be a happy nour (happy meal, he calls it nour because he gets happy hour at sonic and happy meals mixed up) and that was so nice"

He definitely has his dad's eye for detail and if something doesn't look perfect it upsets him. He has Brent's sense of direction and we will pass by something that we've only stoped once before and he will tell us "remember we went there and ...." I know for a fact he could get himself home from school if asked which ways to go.

I can tell his days of watching "baby cartoons" are limited he's started to really like the older kid cartoons, he still watches the younger ones but I am seeing a transition for sure.

I'm seeing his love for animals blossom everyday, I know he gets that from me. Brent found him a tiny box turtle this weekend in the yard and he took very good care of him while he was visiting. Lucas said he wanted to watch t.v. so he positioned him on the table so he could see the t.v. he was also very worried that he didn't have any food in his box and kept asking if we could go to the store to get him some turtle food. Brent and Luke went out to the back yard to let him go and Lucas just couldn't do it. Next thing I know here they all come back inside he wanted to keep him a little longer.

He is growing up SO fast and I tell him everyday "you're momma's baby" just to keep him believing it. 

It is so much fun being a mommy, I am so blessed to have this little boy with me. The hard times are more than worth all the sweet times and I can't wait to have a few more just like him!

Looog Weekend!

What a long busy weekend we had!
Friday when I got home I was greeted with this! Our new cabinet to house the microwave! Yay I was so happy to see that! Now they can come do the final measurements for the counter top this week!

That means we will have our granite soon! I am so beyond excited!

Also Friday evening Ethan got to come over and stay a while so his mom and dad could finishing  moving to their new home! The boys had a blast! They were very good, energetic but good! ha!
They even let me bribe them with a popsicle for a picture.
Totally worth it!

So precious!

Saturday we loaded up and headed to the track for the day! Brent took the car but didn't race just played around with it. It was one of the biggest nights for the track though, lots of really fast cars and tons of people once it got dark!

We stayed pretty late and got home around midnight!

Sunday we were up early Brent doing yard work and I was doing laundry and cleaning.

Lucas and Cooper watching daddy in the yard.

Luke and I went to the grocery store for our little shin dig that night!
After that we all went to town for lunch and to get paint for the kitchen.

Sunday night we had a family BBQ, I felt slightly nuts having a party in the middle of the kitchen being a complete mess but it worked! Everyone had fun and these too are just the best entertainment!

WayWay is at the age that he loves whatever Lucas is doing and well you know Luke eats that up! They laugh and play and it is heart melting!

Monday we got in full kitchen reno mode....again, puttied and sanded the walls, got ready to paint and wouldn't you know it we hated the color we picked :( 
It was not going to work with the color we have in the rest of the house so we loaded up and went to WalMart to see what we could come up with and we just went with old faithful. The same color as the rest of the house. We finally got everything painted and cleaned up and Brent even got my new over the sink light up!  

So all in all it was a great weekend! We got to see some fun people, hang out as a family and work on the kitchen, I am a blessed momma!