Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well Hellooooo

Long time no chat! Lots going on and I just can't get into the swing of blogging right now. It's so weird but I guess my mind is just everywhere else right now.

THREE weeks away from meeting Lane! I can't even believe it. I am feeling huge and exhausted but otherwise pretty good. Lots of sharp but quick pains happening but they don't hang around so I know they are just those pesky braxton hicks I hear about :)
His nursery is DONE! I still have some clothes to wash and some organizing to do this weekend but other than that it turned out perfect and I am so proud of it, need to get pictures up!
In other baby news I have had 2 showers in the last few weeks and just feel so blessed that so many are excited for Lane's arrival as well. I have wonderful family and friends and feel so very undeserving of it all. 

One was my work/ going away party/shower and that was so hard to get though. I will miss the ladies I work with like crazy! They have become such constants in my life over the past 6 years. They are like family to me and have taught me so much professionally, life wise, and about motherhood. My favorite thing in the world is to listen to them tell stories about their kids growing up. I feel very privileged to have worked at First National for so long.

 Brent has been super busy himself. Working of course but also him and his dad are building a new racecar.  I ,for one, don't get to excited about this stuff but I went to see it this weekend and it's pretty amazing how he can build something so intricate from just a shell of a body. He has spent many hours on the weekends and in the evenings working along side his dad. Special times for sure. I will have to post a picture once it's completed.

Lucas is a good as ever :) he is getting so very excited to meet his baby brother. I've been showing him pictures of newborn babies to show him Lane won't come out walking and playing, ha! I think he knows that, he remembers his cousin Emmy but sometimes I think his little brain gets going with all the fun things him and Lane are going to do. 
I am getting super nervous about the time I will be in the hospital. I guess every 2nd time mom feels this fear. I want Lucas to be ok while I am there ,and logically I know he will, I don't want him feeling left out or board because mommy and daddy have to be at the hospital. We will have help with him sure but I guess it's just hormone infused emotions worrying me. ha!
I have no idea why I went off on that tangent, see I don't need to be blogging! lol!

Anyway..... my little All'asta endeavor is going so well. I am more surprised than anyone. I just love the products and they are so easy to sell. And the parties I have had have been so fun! I really really wish I would have known about it and started it sooner but I guess everything has it's place :)

 I have so much to get done this weekend at home. I want to deep clean EVERYTHING! Nesting is going to kill me I am sure of it. I am SO tired but just keep going because I cannot get my house clean enough.of course with a kiddo and 2 dogs running around it's pretty senseless to expect anything to stay clean for Lane's arrival! ha!  I want to get our bedroom spotless because he will be sleeping in there and couch washing is on the agenda as well! Also need to set up the pack n play and pack my hospital bag.

Ok I am thinking I have rambled enough today. Have a great weekend!