Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Girl Code on mtv cracks me up! I was literally laughing out loud the other night watching it!

  • I can count on one hand how many times I've had a coke (or pepsi) this month! Huge progress! Except for now that I typed that I am DYING for a pepsi! Ugh!
  • I cannot believe in less than 2 weeks I will turn 26! I don't know why but for some reason I am having such a hard time with birthdays this year. Lucas turning 4 nearly killed me and I am just so sad about another year gone. I know I will perk up with all the fun birthday festivities and cake but goodness today it feels like a punch in the gut.

  • Tuesday evening I put on my walking shoes and went for a walk! It was the first time in a long long time but it felt amazing! I have to do this more often!

  • Last night we took Luke to the rodeo for the first time! We aren't really rodeo people but I get free tickets at work so I thought it would be something fun for Luke.

And boy did we have fun! We were Gold Nuggets or gold chickens as Lucas said so we got to eat a yummy meal before, got free close parking, and fantastic seats! It was a good Wednesday night! I am so blessed to work where I do.
  • Today we are headed to the swimming pool for the first time this year! If the rain stays away! Do you know how much I love being at the pool?! Love summertime :)  Luke's new beach towel came in yesterday! Love seeing his sweet name on things. I know I only have about .5 years left to monogram things but that's ok :)

  • Brent and I have been tossing around the idea of putting our house up for sale soon. I know we just got new flooring that I adore (and will want to take with me) but we anticipate our home being on the market a long time (see: years) so we are thinking the sooner we get a for sale sign up the better it might be. This was never intended to be our forever home so I knew this day would come but I have such mixed feelings about it. Mostly sadness and excitement.
  • Monday I watched two movies on Lifetime, My Sisters Keeper, heart. breaking. I had watched it before but it still makes me cry and Where the Heart is which is also a tear jerker. I remember my mom always watching Lifetime movies on the weekends and I never understood why and  now here I am. Old and watching sappy movies that no one wants to watch with me. Sheesh!

  • That all I've got friends! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday!

Love love loving that the weather is warmer and I can break out the summer time wear! Thank goodness for Barre class so I actually feel good in shorts this year!

Chambray top- Old Navy
White shorts- Walmart (last year)
Gold Flip Flops- Old Navy

And I am really liking my hair pulled back like this can ya tell? ha!
Hand on hip- check!
Bad bathroom pic- check!

For a sleepy day at work

Tunic- Target
Black leggings- TJ Maxx (old)
Black flats- Payless I think (old)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memoral Day Weekend!

We had a fun weekend around these parts!

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner, Brent's best friend Timmy and his girlfriend Amy. They have the sweetest little girl Caroline.
Her and Luke had a blast playing together.

Lucas took her on a ride.

She was kinda worried at first but realized Lucas is a pretty good driver.

Lucas even let her drive for a minute, they were SO funny. I can see a glimpse of my future right there in that picture. Goodness.

Then they came inside and watched some cartoons before Caroline had to leave.
We all had fun catching up and hanging out. I hope we can do it again soon!

Sunday Brent had to work :(
But Luke and I went to the Zoo with some friends!

                                              The boys were very excited!

                                                Riding the zoo train!

                    Picnic lunch on the play ground! While mean geese tried to attack!

Riding the carousal

Little baby kangaroos

White peacock

After the zoo we kept tradition and went to the Mickey Mouse store then to play at the mall play area.

Got some dippin dots of course :)

Then headed down the way to Cracker Barrel before our drive home. It was a fun fun day!

                     I was sunburned and my feet hurt but we had a blast!

Yesterday day we didn't do much at all. Stayed home and played and relaxed. Brent mowed the yard and I did some laundry. My mom and dad came down for a bit and that was nice.

Cooper and Lucas wrestled (is that how you say it?) all afternoon. It's pretty hilarious.

All of this while remembering our freedom isn't free. I am very thankful to all the service men and women who keep this country safe.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • How in the world is it already May 23rd!? My goodness! Do I say that every month?! I don't know but I am amazed at how fast this year has already gone! I mean it is summer for heavens sake!

  • We had some excitement around these parts on Monday evening as I'm sure you all are well aware of. Big storms with chances of tornadoes. Not fun at all. But we made it through just fine, our house is fine and we are very grateful. I know some did end up with damage, our neighbors directly across the street had shingles blown off and water leaking in. I am still thinking of the families in Oklahoma.
Two cars squished in the garage only happens when it storms! ha!

Lucas kept busy on our phones

                                          All of us in the closet.
I knew it was bad when Brent got in there with us. He has never done that since I've been with him. He usually stays on the front porch. Crazy.

  • With all the rain and such we didn't get to play either tball game we had planned this week. So we've been at home most nights this week. And Brent's been home early too. I even made dinner one night! 

  • Wednesday we met up with some friends to play at McDonalds for a bit. Tori was my elementary school best friend and it was so neat to see Lucas and Pierce playing together! Wow time flies! Tori and I were only a year older than them when we first met. So crazy!

  • Wednesday evening I got to help with two year olds at church. It was so fun! But made me realize how far Lucas has come. I don't think I have ever said "please don't go up the slide you could get hurt" so many times in a half hour as I did last night! Luke loves his little class as well and that makes me the happiest :)

  • SO ready for a 3 day weekend! Saturday I have a girly day planned with my mom. I am so excited! After I get done with Barre we are going to lunch, get manicures (both of us are former nail bitters now!!) some Hob Lob and Bath and Body too! We are both looking forward to a day to ourselves :) And Sunday Luke and I are headed to Tulsa to the zoo with friends! Hoping it doesn't rain us out....So that means Monday I will spend the day at home catching up on laundry, cleaning house, and washing my (inked up!) couch. Blah! Oh well just glad to be off work :)  

  • Enjoy the loooog weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!

Yep that's pink marker on my white couch arm. Sigh, I knew I wouldn't get out of the toddler/preschool years without this kind of an incident.
BUT with all that has happened recently how can I be mad? I am just grateful that my little one is still with me to make messes.

This will be a good test on my slip covered beauty! I'll report back how she fares out :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Transformation Tuesday!

First I have to say my heart is breaking for those in Oklahoma that have lost loved ones in the storm. I just cannot imagine having kids in school and that taking place and not knowing if you would find them. Praying for everyone affected by these awful storms.


Now how do I go from that to this. I just don't know but I will try.

We have 'that' space on our kitchen counter that just gets used and abused. I hope you have one too so I'm not alone! ha! Everything gets thrown there when we come in from the garage daily. I have tried to contain it with a small caddy but it just never seemed to do the job well.

Reading a blog I got some inspiration! I remembered I had something that may do the job better!

    I remembered this organizer thingy my sister in law handed down to me a long
time ago. It's definitely not a perfect solution but it is much better! The drawers are actually useful and easy to see in and the top shelf can hold big stuff. Like my camera that I hate to put up because if I do it never gets used!

I sat a small mason jar with pens and room spray on top as well because those are everyday essentials around these parts. My books that teach me well, that I'm not ready to put up. Picture of my nephew that needs a frame and a sign with a verse that I love seeing daily, a gift from a good friend :)

     Basket with phone charger, ear buds and a place to put wallets, keys, and phones
                                         when we come in the door.

                 Ahh so much better! Now if only it would stay that way! ha!

And can I just say again how in love I am with my kitchen! Lots of hard work but my goodness she is a beauty!

Stay safe in the storms today!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Weekend in {a whole lot a} Pictures!

We had a pretty good weekend! I got lots of pictures and I always love when that happens :)

Thursday evening Brent had to leave for work around 5. So Luke and I were by ourselves most of the evening. Love this picture I got at bedtime.

Friday morning I had to put gas in my car. I was appalled that $75 didn't even fill her up! I never pay much attention to gas prices because I think I would cry so this caught me really off guard. We are seriously considering getting me something more 'economical' to drive to town so why not make it fun too :)

Also on Friday Lucas got to hear all about what a police man does. One of the little girls in his class dad is a K9 unit officer and he came to tell them all about his job and show them his vehicle. I love that Luke's school is so hands on and does such fun things for the kids.

Saturday night this was my dinner :) Brent was out late racing and I had fed Lucas' hours earlier so after he went to bed I had strawberry shortcake and watched some t.v. It was great!

I was looking through my sister in laws pictures and ran across this one of her and Lucas. I just don't even know what to say. He was so tiny and I remember that onsie and that blanket like it was yesterday! Heart.Breaking. 

Saturday we spent a lot of time outside, I took it as an opportunity to work on a tan! ha! Cannot wait for the wading pool to open up! So ready for some sun on these white legs!

Saturday evening and Sunday we went to Way Way's house to see him and Emmy. Lucas in completely head over heels for this baby. It is absolutely the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed. He held her for a long time on Saturday and helped feed her. And when he wasn't holding her he was asking to! I so wanted to get a picture of all three of them but goodness Waylon is on the move and won't sit still at all! ha!


And Sunday we spent sometime just chillin as Luke always says. Watching SpongeBob in momma's bed doesn't get any better than that :)

Hope you had a good one!