Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • How in the world is it already May 23rd!? My goodness! Do I say that every month?! I don't know but I am amazed at how fast this year has already gone! I mean it is summer for heavens sake!

  • We had some excitement around these parts on Monday evening as I'm sure you all are well aware of. Big storms with chances of tornadoes. Not fun at all. But we made it through just fine, our house is fine and we are very grateful. I know some did end up with damage, our neighbors directly across the street had shingles blown off and water leaking in. I am still thinking of the families in Oklahoma.
Two cars squished in the garage only happens when it storms! ha!

Lucas kept busy on our phones

                                          All of us in the closet.
I knew it was bad when Brent got in there with us. He has never done that since I've been with him. He usually stays on the front porch. Crazy.

  • With all the rain and such we didn't get to play either tball game we had planned this week. So we've been at home most nights this week. And Brent's been home early too. I even made dinner one night! 

  • Wednesday we met up with some friends to play at McDonalds for a bit. Tori was my elementary school best friend and it was so neat to see Lucas and Pierce playing together! Wow time flies! Tori and I were only a year older than them when we first met. So crazy!

  • Wednesday evening I got to help with two year olds at church. It was so fun! But made me realize how far Lucas has come. I don't think I have ever said "please don't go up the slide you could get hurt" so many times in a half hour as I did last night! Luke loves his little class as well and that makes me the happiest :)

  • SO ready for a 3 day weekend! Saturday I have a girly day planned with my mom. I am so excited! After I get done with Barre we are going to lunch, get manicures (both of us are former nail bitters now!!) some Hob Lob and Bath and Body too! We are both looking forward to a day to ourselves :) And Sunday Luke and I are headed to Tulsa to the zoo with friends! Hoping it doesn't rain us out....So that means Monday I will spend the day at home catching up on laundry, cleaning house, and washing my (inked up!) couch. Blah! Oh well just glad to be off work :)  

  • Enjoy the loooog weekend!


Brittney said...

Tyler spends storms out on the porch too! I hate it!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Men and the porch!! Cracks me up!! Thank you so much for helping us out Wednesday!!!