Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memoral Day Weekend!

We had a fun weekend around these parts!

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner, Brent's best friend Timmy and his girlfriend Amy. They have the sweetest little girl Caroline.
Her and Luke had a blast playing together.

Lucas took her on a ride.

She was kinda worried at first but realized Lucas is a pretty good driver.

Lucas even let her drive for a minute, they were SO funny. I can see a glimpse of my future right there in that picture. Goodness.

Then they came inside and watched some cartoons before Caroline had to leave.
We all had fun catching up and hanging out. I hope we can do it again soon!

Sunday Brent had to work :(
But Luke and I went to the Zoo with some friends!

                                              The boys were very excited!

                                                Riding the zoo train!

                    Picnic lunch on the play ground! While mean geese tried to attack!

Riding the carousal

Little baby kangaroos

White peacock

After the zoo we kept tradition and went to the Mickey Mouse store then to play at the mall play area.

Got some dippin dots of course :)

Then headed down the way to Cracker Barrel before our drive home. It was a fun fun day!

                     I was sunburned and my feet hurt but we had a blast!

Yesterday day we didn't do much at all. Stayed home and played and relaxed. Brent mowed the yard and I did some laundry. My mom and dad came down for a bit and that was nice.

Cooper and Lucas wrestled (is that how you say it?) all afternoon. It's pretty hilarious.

All of this while remembering our freedom isn't free. I am very thankful to all the service men and women who keep this country safe.

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Brittney said...

The two of them in the car is TOO cute!