Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap!

We had a fun weekend!

Friday after work I went and signed Luke up for swimming lessons and tumbling! Tumbling starts in a few weeks just at tball ends and swimming starts in a month. I am so excited to see how Luke likes these. I think he will do great :)

Saturday we had a birthday party at the Monkey House to go to! Lucas has a blast there, as always but even more so because he had a bunch of friend so run and jump with! It was so much fun!

                                                  Lucas and Bentley eating pizza
Lucas and Allison, these two are so funny together. He says she is his best friend :) 

                   Lucas and Bentley again, these two are WILD together! ha!

After the party we went home for a bit then went to Aunt Kristin's to play and eat dinner. The boys have so much fun playing together it is just the best thing ever to see. I am SO sad I didn't think to take any pictures.

Sunday morning Brent went and played golf, yea he owes me a big juicy date night for that one, so Luke and I met up with Ethan and his mom at McDonald's for breakfast and some playtime!

Lucas and Ethan being monkeys.

I also made a bunch of pumpkin cupcakes on Sunday, yummy!

Sunday night we went out for Mother's Day dinner with my side. It was fun and I snagged this picture before we left :)

After dinner we came home and I got my bike out for it's first stroll of the season. We rode down to the playground to play for a little bit before bath time.

I had a great Mothers day, I am so blessed with Lucas. He is such a joy! I thought of my angel babies most of the day too but I am so grateful to be mommy to an earth angel as well :)

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