Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun Weekend!

What a fun weekend we had! I was on cloud 9 spending time with both of my boys!
Friday night I went to the store and came home and fixed fajitas and cheesy dip for dinner! Our favorite.

 After dinner Brent went to a friends house to help him with his car for a while and Luke and I did bath time and got ready for bed. It was good to be home after a long week.

Saturday morning I got up and headed to Barre class. It was rainy and yucky and I really wanted to sleep in but I got up and went!(so very proud of myself :) It was a small class (probably because of the weather) but so SO good. I am loving how my body is shaping up! Hello swimsuit season :)
When I got home I made up some leftovers for lunch then did absolutely nothing the rest of the day. It was awesome! We watched movies, I took a nap, then we went to dinner at Joe's Pizza with some friends. After dinner Brent and I got caught up on Grey's Anatomy that we have missed for a month now! It was a great day!

 Sunday we got up and around and headed to Rogers to spend the day! We didn't have any agenda except to eat at On the Border! My very most favorite place. It was Luke's first time and he didn't seem to impressed. lol! And by happy accident I remembered it was Cinco de Mayo!

                                                                  My loves

                                                  The yummiest cheese dip!

After lunch we went over to Andy's Ice cream! We sure do love that place too! They have one in Branson that we always walk to while we are there, that's where we got hooked on Andy's :)

After ice cream we headed to Cabelas. It was cool seeing all the animals and Luke loved the fish. I couldn't believe how lifelike they can make the trees!

Cat jumping out of a tree!

We also headed over to the outside mall for a bit. Luke got his first taste of Build a Bear and I really want to take him back so we can build one. Brent wasn't much into that lol. We hit up the candy store and I got to spend some time in Pottery Barn.

We headed home around 3ish and I went to Wally World for some stuff we needed for the week.
After our heavy mexican meal we decided on grilled chicken salads for dinner.

Salad before the chicken,cheese, croutons, and dressing :)

 I'm not sure why I felt the need to take pictures of what I ate all weekend! ha!

Love good weekends like these. Nothing to do, nowhere much to go just hanging out with those who mean the most to me.

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Your food looks delish! I always love foodie pics! I am trying to remember if I have ever ate at On the Border??! Mmmm?