Monday, June 24, 2013

Playing Catch Up!

I haven't said a whole lot around these parts lately but that doesn't mean we don't have a lot going on. Could be the sign of to much happening :)

  •  Went to see the new Monsters Inc.

  • Lots of froyo between school and swimming.
  • Swimming lessons for 2 weeks with Mrs. Jayne!

  •  Learning so much and making new friends!
  • Summer popcorn and movie nights!

  • Jogging and riding bikes in the evenings.

  • Complete with a good romp at the playground.

  • Chloe got a hair cut!

  • Some baby holding! Sweet Emmy is growing!

  • Strawberry shortcake making!
  •  Pool time with cousin Lilah!

  • Momma got a new cup!

  •  Lots of trip planning!

Such a fun summer it has turned out to be! Looking so forward to the rest!

Mema's New Car!

My mom or Mema as we affectionately call her got a new ride!
We are all so excited for my mom who never does anything for herself!
She deserves this!

2012 Dodge Avenger

Let the summer road trips begin!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lucas Says.....

{Got this idea from one of my favorite blogs. She does a series called Adian says with her son! Love this for remembrance sake}

One day last week we went to the pet shop between school and swimming. We were looking at the guinea pigs when Luke sneezed all over the glass of the cage. He says.

"Look momma I just bless you'd all over cage" as he is wiping his spit off. (so gross but SO funny)

He thinks sneezes are called bless yous. I won't correct him :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

10 things....

On my mind right now!

1. This season is so busy! We have a lot going on, plans being made, and hard stuff to work through.
2. Luke has been doing so well with swimming lessons. I love love love watching him learn in the water!
3. We have two very fun trips coming up and sadly I feel like I am wishing my life away anticipating them. But I just can not wait!
4. Brent and I have been working on being more active. We have tried to really start going outside and doing something after dinner rather than just watch t.v. (which we LOVE to do). We went jogging one evening and biking the next. I know it's good for everyone. We get some exercise and Luke gets to burn some energy and we all get some good time away from our electronic devices.
5. Tomorrow we are taking my mom car shopping. This is exciting yet stressful and I'm sure it will be hot as well. Ick!
6. I am having an 'off season' Scentsy party right now. I usually only do these in the fall and spring but a friend asked me to be a guinea pig for a Facebook type party she is wanting to start doing. So I'm interested to see how this goes!
7. I had my first coke in few weeks today I couldn't even get though half the glass. Weird.
8. I have wanted to try Wen shampoo for a long time now. I would catch it on infomercial and be so intrigued. I found some on Amazon for much cheaper and decided to try it. So far I really like it. I've only used it for three days though. I'll have to do a better review once I know more.
9. Tonight we are going to see the new Monsters Inc. movie. Not sure who is more excited me or Luke! I love going to movies, maybe a little to much.... 
10. Life is good. Really really good. I am so thankful.

Friday, June 14, 2013


I am not a worrier by nature. It is how I am able to stay sane when Brent isn't home at night. I am always thankful for this trait especially when I hear friends and family talk about how scared they are of things or how they worry all the time about things. That isn't me. I am rarely scared, I enjoy scary movies, haunted houses, I don't worry myself silly on a daily basis with all the awful things that could happen in this world.

But the past few weeks I have been worried. 

 I am worried sick about the time coming to think about another baby. I think how will I deal with another miscarriage? How will I get through the early weeks not knowing if everything is alright or not? How will I be the mom Lucas needs if I am consumed with fear for the baby I haven't even met?
What will I do if this happens or that happens? So on and on and on.

I am sick thinking about seeing a positive pregnancy test while it's what I have been aching to see for months now. How can this be? I want nothing more than to have a newborn in my arms but getting to that point is terrifying.

Can I trust God with this? Should I try and protect my family and myself by not going through with having more babies? Can I say "God have your will" and not worry about what happens right before or in the middle of vacations and holidays and life going so smoothly.

Because at the end of the day that is what all of this is about is trust. Trust in Him, trust in myself.

I have lots of fear with this but what I also have is faith. I have a whole bunch of faith that the fear is trying to squash!
I won't let it.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Did you hear me say in my last post we are going to DISNEY WORLD!! I am SO excited! Well that probably is an understatement I have been utterly consumed with planning our day at Disney. Last night I had to laugh when Brent said "you know you need to start looking for things in Tampa, where we will be the majority of the week." Ha! I had kinda forgot about that part! I am trilled to go to the beach as well but there is just something so so special about taking Luke to Disney! We aren't going until the last of September so we have a few months to get everything planned out and we'll need every single day.

  • Other things going on this week.....we went to tumbling class Tuesday night. I think Lucas is really liking it. He gets very excited to go and does what his teacher says for the entire hour and is happy afterward so that is reassuring. He is the tiniest one out there on his night and it is just so fun to watch!

  • Next week we start swimming lessons for 2 weeks. I can't wait to see him learn more in the water! I feel so blessed that I am able to give him these actives that will hopefully enrich his life. I love nothing more than watching him learn new things.

  • Brent has been gone some this week so it's just been me and little man for a few nights, last night we had a movie party complete with popcorn, we watched Up. That movie gets me every time. I have to try hard not to cry when it shows the couple going through their life and things don't go how they plan it.

  • Lucas has the best tan lines where he wears his flip flop. The cutest thing!

  • I can't believe I forgot to put this in my birthday post, my sister in law gave me these neat flowers! They are so pretty and I still can't figure out how they got the color on them....

  • Also the other night I opened one of my bottles from the winery. This stuff is so yummy! I'm not sure I'll ever drink much of anything else. Tastes so similar to champagne :)

  • And in other birthday happenings I still have my birthday dinner with my side of the fam this weekend! So looking forward to that! Then my birthday will officially be over and I have to accept the fact that I really am 26 :( ha!

  • Welp that's the high points of my week so far! So happy today is already Thursday!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!

I gave Luke a little bit of sweet tea the other night and as you can see he was so happy! He loves it!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

I had such a great birthday this year! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such thoughtful people. My heart is full!

My fun weekend started Thursday at work. I came into find these sweet daises and lots of yummy goodies to celebrate with!
For lunch one of my favorite work girls took me to lunch at Bravo it was so good! We ate out on the patio and it was great!
My work girls always spoil me well :)

Friday I took off work for a trip to the water park in Alma! Ashley and Ethan went with us and we had a blast!

Lucas loves water, such a blessing! We will be in many pools this summer!

Sweet boy eating a quick snack

He LOVED going down the slide. After a few times of going with him I thought I'd see if he would go up the stairs and go down without me and he did it! I was so shocked and so proud! He probably went down that slide 10 times! He was SO fun!

My favorite was the kiddy pool, he could play and I could tan, it doesn't get much better than that!

Such a fun great birthday time with Lucas!

That evening my my side of the family took Luke and I out for Mexican! My favorite!  Brent was racing so he couldn't go.

Saturday (my actual birthday) Brent and I went to Altus/Ozark area to two of the wineries we have close by! It was such a neat experience I can't believe neither of us had ever been before!

 We ate lunch at the restaurant Wederkehr has and the food was out of this world amazing! I had the Quiche and it was so yummy! I seriously want to go back right now just to eat. SO so good!

                 Quick picture the waitress snapped, not the best but it's all we got! ha!

After lunch we went to the Post winery and tried a few wines then went on a tour. The wine and juice was so good! We left with a few bottles of each and I got this funny sign :)

I loved getting to spend the afternoon with Brent and do something neither of us had ever done! So fun! And Brent gave me the best gift EVER the go ahead to start planning a trip to DISNEY WORLD! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!

When we got back Brent and Lucas put on a little birthday party for me, Lucas was worried I didn't get a 'party' I guess so him and daddy went to the store and he picked out everything I would need for a good time SpongeBob hats, a balloon, cupcakes and candles to blow out. It was precious and he was so proud of himself.

 After my SpongeBob party mom went home and the boys took me out for the evening. We went to dinner at Mcalister's and then to see Epic at 'the big movie'! Such a great time! I am so blessed to have Brent and Lucas they take such good care of me!

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for Lance, one of Luke's little friends. I didn't take one single picture but it was a fun time!
Then for dinner we went to my sis in laws house, we ate a yummy dinner and played with the kids! The best way to end my weekend!

I am so grateful for Brent making my day so great and spoiling me year around and such amazing family and friends. Thank you for all the birthday wishes they truly made my day!

This 26 thing doesn't seem so bad after all! ha!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Transformation Tuesday! {on Wednesday}

I love love love simple white curtains. Mine are actually just sheets from wal-mart and I've had them for years. I have a ton of them and use them for curtains and table cloths when needed. They cost about $5 per flat sheet and I usually get the full size. Love em!

Anyway I've had my 'curtians' hung like this for a while but then a Pottery Barn magazine came in.

And I saw this. Plain white panel curtains hung from clip rings. I have a ton of these rings so I got to work!

Now I have this! Much much better I think! Love how there is more fabric to pool at the bottom and love the less formal look with the rings.

*sorry for the horrible slant I was on the floor taking this one! ha!

This transformation cost me $0 I already had everything but even if you didn't it's a cheap way to cover windows.

Happy Wednesday!