Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's Goin on Round Here!

I didn't do a weekend post yesterday because I didn't feel like it was a good one but now looking at pictures from the weekend I feel I need to post them.

This is a hard time for our family. My mother in law isn't doing to well and we are really starting to see a decline in her health. I try very hard to keep this blog a positive place but sometimes life happens and it's not always positive.
Sandra went into the hospital Friday night and is now in respite/hospice care until my father in law can decide what is best for her now. He has taken care of her though her Alzheimer's but now her mobility has changed and it's worrisome for her to be at home.
We are all having a hard time with this, we knew this day would come but it doesn't make it any easier.

Lucas and Nana a little less than 4 years ago.


Friday night I conned Brent into eating mexican even though he is supposed to be on a diet. I am a fabulous diet partner! ha!
We did some shopping at the mall and went to Toys R Us. It was a fun night with my boys :)
We got home way before the storm hit and I was up a long time watching the weather while Brent was at his parents house.
 We made it though again with no damage and I am so grateful! We didn't even have to take cover this time and Luke slept right though it.

Saturday we went to eat lunch and then went rug shopping. I have tried and tried to find a rug for our living room for what seems like forever with no luck! We have brought home and returned two rugs that didn't work so I was quite discouraged to say the least but Saturday we found one! We are so happy with it! My living room feels complete and is so much softer! I am in love! I'm waiting on a sunny day to take some pictures of my living room to show off the whole thing :)

After that we headed up to the hospital for the rest of the day.
Sandra was in good spirits and enjoyed all her visitors :)

Saturday night we stayed home and the boys watched Star Wars. Lucas loves this stuff. It's so funny! He loves all the characters and the battle scenes and of course loves that the main character has the same name as him. I really can't get into Star Wars type movies but I love that he loves it so much. Hearing him talk about it is so cute!

Just washed and dryed bed means time to roll around in the hot sheets!

 Sunday we got up early and did lots and lots of yard work! Well mainly just flower bed work. We weeded the flower bed and cleaned out all the old much and replaced it with new. We also added a small flower bed to the other side of the drive way and Brent built a little rock runoff from the drain spout.

Lucas loved helping us move mulch and rocks around with his gator.
And wearing my gloves and finding as many bugs as he could, he had so much fun :)

                         Flower bed is done for the season! Praise the Lord!

We have so much going on this week! 4 tball games, first tumbling class tonight, school meeting tomorrow night for me, going to the water park on Friday with friends and Brent is going racing on Friday, Saturday we are headed out of town to go on a wine tour, and Sunday we have a birthday party to go to for some friends. This season is SO busy but it's all so FUN! I wouldn't change any of it!   

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