Friday, May 27, 2011

Time Flys....

I've always heard about how fast time goes once you graduate, once you leave home, once you have kids, etc. I honestly never thought much about it but gosh those statements are so true! I cannot believe it has been 6 years since I graduated high school! I remember making fun of Brent when we first got together about his 10 year reunion coming up now mine in just around the corner, scary! Most of my high school friends are married and or have kid(s) it blows my mind.

I can still remember being so young and playing all summer with my brother and our friends down the way. Such sweet memories and such simple times. We didn't have cell phones, we didn't have t.v. channels with cartoons on all day, we definitely didn't have computers and Internet or video games worth playing for long hours. I often wonder if these things are going to take away from the childhood of kids today. I hurt to think Lucas won't have those summer days like I did- outside all day, making things, riding bikes, playing at the neighbors house all without a care in the world. I have to wonder if my generation got the best end of the deal, we had just enough "stuff" to keep us really comfortable and entertained but we still had to use our imaginations and have "real" relationships with "friends" but maybe everyone thinks that when they look back at their childhood.

I wonder what the best balance is with everything today. I wonder should a toddler have a t.v. in their room? Should a 4th grader have a cell phone? When is Facebook safe enough for my babies? Is it ever going to be? Will I hold them back if I don't provide all these things at an early age?

I keep begging Brent for a pool hoping if Lucas has a pool maybe, just maybe he won't need all that other "stuff". Ha! Who am I kidding.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Breathe....

I've been thinking this morning of how much we have going on in the next 5 weeks! And I am starting to get that sick feeling in my stomach of being overwhelmed. I am going to jot down what all we have going on so I can remember, seems like if I type/write something just once I won't forget! And I am keeping of record of all our busy days in this season so here goes...

  • Tonight I have a "Spa Party" at my friend Elizabeth's house, I am pretty excited about this but I am stressing about my mom not making it to my house in time to watch Luke :/ So when I make it there I am going to RELAX because it will be last chance for a while! Kristin is picking me up (and I am trying to talk Kelli into going too :)) and we are going to have a night of girly-ness! Yay!

  • Tomorrow I have "Date Night" at the Nursery, once a month we watch and eat pizza with the kiddos so the parents can go do something fun, I'm really excited about this too! Love working in the Nursery.

  • Saturday we possibly will be at the racetrack, that is still up in the air.

  • Sunday morning I will be in the Nursery again.

  • Monday is deep cleaning day at my house for the baby shower I have coming up.

  • Wednesday (June 1st) evening it's back to the nursery for me :)

  • Thursday (June 2nd) Brent has a bachelor party.

  • Friday (June 3rd) I am taking the day off work to get all the loose ends tied for the baby shower and Friday evening we have a wedding for one of Brent's high school buddies.

  • Saturday (June 4th) morning is Desiree and Eviee's shower! Saturday after noon is Jessica's jewelry party. After leaving Jessica's Luke and I have to be on the road to meet Brent at the race track.

  • Sunday (June 5th) we will be racing all day.

  • Wednesday (June 8th) is My Birthday!! And Nursery night :)

  • Saturday (June 11th) is my yard sale.

  • Wednesday (June 15th) Nursery night :)

  • Saturday (June 18th) is Desiree's other shower.

  • Wednesday (June 22nd) is Nursery Night :)

  • Friday (June 24th) is "Date Night" in the Nursery.

  • Wednesday (June 29th) is the last night for Nursery for the summer!

  • Thursday (June 30th) is my Thirty One Party!

And with it being my Birthday month I am guaranteed at least one "out to dinner" with family! O and I almost forgot but every Monday we have "Family Night" with Brent's side at Western Sizzlin!

And in with all that we are trying to get adjusted to our new "schedule" with Brent's change of jobs and I am trying to reconfigure (and not stressout about) our finances! omygosh!

Wow that looks insane down on paper! I am so happy to have a full life but honestly I will be glad when this month is over! I am seriously considering taking the month of July "off" from events and just enjoy being home because I am truly a home body at heart ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Friday Brent and I had planned to go on a "date", we just wanted to go eat without the distraction of a certain 2 year old, ha! So Lucas went to stay with Mema for a few hours, while we went to Panera Bread for a relaxing dinner, ha! Never the case with us! When we got to Mema's house it looked like it could rain any second by the time we got Luke settled and wanted to leave it was raining buckets! Brent insisted we leave right then and not wait it out. We ran to the car and we were soaked! On the way to Panera it started hailing! But by the time we got there it was just sprinkling big drops so we went in and had a good dinner. We also shopped around some before we picked Luke up. Lucas had a blast (as always) and was sent home with a bag of gummy bears, his favorite!

Friday after school, he runs around chasing Chip saying "hold jew" with his arms out! It's about the funniest thing ever! I guess Chip finally gave up. Ha!

Saturday I worked in the garage organizing and getting all my junk ready for my yard sale coming up! Brent and Lucas put in a gas line to our grill so we never have to buy propane again! Yay! I LOVE a handy husband :)
Saturday evening Kelli (Brent's cousin) and I went and had dinner at Cheddars, while Lucas stayed with daddy, papa, and nana. Dinner was yummy and I really enjoy Kelli's company, she is so down to earth and so sweet. After dinner we decided to go to Books a Million for a looks-see and of course I found a few things one of them being "The Original Mother Goose" I had this book at my Mema S's as a kid (I'm pretty positive it's still around) so I wanted to get one for Lucas to have. I love old nursery rhymes and songs and Brent doesn't know any of them so I thought this was good for the whole family.

When I got home Saturday evening the boys were wanting ice cream so at 9:00 we all headed downtown to a new ice cream place in Greenwood called Dog Pound Ice Cream Parlor, not the best name in my opinion but the high school mascot is bull dogs and every thing in Greenwood is high school football so I suppose it fits. Lucas kept calling it the dog house, ha!
The ice cream was good, I had "cappuccino" and Brent had "garbage can" (who comes up with these names?) which is vanilla with a bunch of different broke up candy bars, Lucas had the "superman" that is still in my freezer!

Sunday we didn't do much at all. We had pizza for lunch and I worked on some stuff around the house while Brent got everything rounded up for his first day back at Parker. Lucas napped.

I took off work on Monday so I could see Brent off to work and to spend the morning at the Monkey House with Lucas' class. It was so fun to watch them, they loved it!

Lucas and Emily

This little girl saw me taking Luke's picture and insisted I take one of her too.
So cute!

Lucas and his whole class, minus Ms. Robyn who he missed and asked me about at least once.

Lucas after the Monkey House, notice the cars :)

Brent said he had a good first day back and he seemed pretty content, I'm just praying all goes as planned.

We are supposed to be getting more bad storms tonight so I will be huddled with all my babies in the bathtub!

Monday, May 23, 2011


This morning Brent went back to work for Parker Energy Services. He's been working for himself restoring cars for the past 2 years. It was a really hard decision for him to give up working at the shop to go work for someone else but at the end of the day we think it is what's best for us right now.
It won't be easy, he will be gone sometimes and I will have to take care of Luke all by myself, he is also almost guaranteed to have to go to Pennsylvania for 3 weeks in the near future, and he will be "on call" a lot. But we will get though it and I honestly have a peace about the whole thing, I'm just not worrying about it much. Sure we will miss him and I can promise there will be tears more than once but we will be OK.
With him going back to Parker it gives us the stability of a steady paycheck so we can save and provide the things we want for our kids. Brent wants to build us a house one day, so he is making it happen, I could not be more proud of him.
He is so ambitious and makes me want more from life too, our kids are going to have so much more than I ever had as a kid and that makes me the happiest mommy in the world.
I am so grateful to have a hard working husband and one who looks out for us a whole.
I am so so proud of you!
You are the best and take such good care of Luke and I.
I could not ask for a better partner to share this life with.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My week in pictures!

Cutest Little Debbie cake stand ever! Ha!

My little sunflower seedlings!

Made a Shabby Rag Wreath.

Luke had his first ice cream cone!

Invites are out for the shower I am throwing! Only 2 more weeks to get everything done! Yikes!

Lucas playing outside!

Lucas playing Peek a Boo!

Luke's first encounter with a june bug, he named him Landon (his best friend at school, ha!)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Broken Inside.

If weakness is a wound
That no one wants to speak of
Then “cool” is just how far we have to fall
I am not immune
I only want to be loved
But I feel safe behind the firewall
Can I lose my need to impress?
If you want the truth, I need to confess

I’m not alright
I’m broken inside, broken inside
And all I go through
It leads me to you, it leads me to you

Burn away the pride
Bring me to my weakness
Until everything I hide behind is gone
And when I’m open wide
With nothing left to cling to
Only you are there to lead me on
Cause honestly, I’m not that strong

I’m not alright
I’m broken inside, broken inside
And all I go through
It leads me to you, it leads me to you

And I move, and I move, and I move...closer to you

I’m not alright
I’m broken inside, broken inside
broken inside, broken inside
And all I go through
Leads me to you, leads me to you

I’m not alright, I’m not alright, I’m not alright...that’s why I need you

' Lyrics by Sanctus Real'

No truer words spoken, I am loving and leaning on these words right now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I tickle me...

and other funny things Luke is saying.

  • "I hold jew" meaning I want you to hold me.

  • "sucker too" meaning I want a sucker or whatever else right now it's always suckers.

  • "Momma do do do do doing" meaning momma what are you doing.

  • "Daddy told" meaning daddy got on to me, Brent says " I told you...... that's where I think this came from.

  • "Chloes" meaning Chloe I have no clue why he always says it plural.

  • "Beastie Bunny" meaning Easter Bunny.

  • "Right dare" meaning right there.

  • "Wanna watch Bobby" meaning I want to watch cartoons at night. We usually watch King of the Hill, ha!

  • "Mommy spider" meaning mommy a bug.

  • "T.B. mote" meaning t.v. remote.

  • "Belly But" meaning belly button.

  • "Happy Dirtday" meaning happy birthday.

  • "Ucas" meaning Lucas.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luke's First Haircut Weekend!

We had a wonderful low key weekend, I was truly in heaven!

I got to spent the whole weekend with my boys. We are trying to soak up as much time as possible together in the next 2 weekends!

Friday we did an impromptu cookout with Brent's parents and my mom. We said it was for Friday the 13th, Ha! Brent grilled steak and chicken, Brent's dad made hash brown casserole and broccoli and rice casserole (he's really perfected these) and I made some Tastefully Simple Beer Bread and brownies. Yummy, fattening stuff! We had a blast!

Saturday Brent we finally came to the conclusion that it was time..... for Luke to get a haircut.

We were sad but with summer coming up it was needed.

We went to the mall and stopped at Candy Craze first, Lucas loved that he was so so excited about candy being everywhere.

Lucas and daddy walking down to the hair cuttin place.

Lucas in the chair, he did so good! He didn't make a peep! He just ate his "gummies" and was happy. So proud to have such a good kid, at times ;)

After the haircut we went to a few shops, I was trying to find him some flip flops. We went in to Crazy 8 and "Gabba" was on the t.v. so we had to stay awhile.

We didn't find any flip flops so we went to Old Timers Day for a while, it was so nice outside and we had fun just walking and looking at all the stuff.

We had to be back in town at 5 for Lucas to get some pictures taken, courtesy of a fund raiser going on a mom's work. We went to Old Navy before and found some flip flops, he got 2 pairs and I hope he likes them, he wore them to school today.

New haircut, new shoes, and new shirt! Doesn't get better than that!

Another picture from Saturday.

Caught Lucas doing this Saturday night, funny thing is I used to do the same thing ;) He really is my child! Ha!

Sunday we hung around the house did some chores and yard work. It was so nice outside again I got to have my windows open all day! That makes me so happy, it's the little things!

New hydrangea bush! So far she has 3 flowers! And I am loving the lavendar blooms.

Snapped this one of Chloe and intagram-ed it. I thought it was pretty cute.

Lucas took a long nap while I cleaned and Brent worked on his race car.

Lucas and daddy playing.

One more picture of the new haircut. It's taken some time but I think we are used to it. He seems to really like it not being in his face all the time.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tastefully Simple and a Playdate.

Since Blogger went ka-pooey this post is.. O about 3 days late! Ha!

Thursday my Tastefully Simple orders came in and I had to share all my goodies!

There are 9 loaves of bread in there people!! We ate some this weekend but I still have plenty! Having a party is so so worth you time, just a little secret, I got all this for around 20 bucks! I may have to do a party every season just to keep myself stocked! Ha!

Also Thursday evening Luke and I had a play date to attend! Yay!We love seeing all our friends it really makes my day to see all our "babies" who are now preschoolers playing so good to together. The days of crying, spitting up, and bottles are past us and its amazing that I've got to see these little ones grow.

Lucas and Olivia.

We played at Olivia's aka Miranda's :) So Lucas had to round up all her cars and put them in a bucket the exact same thing he does at home. So funny.

Sweet sweet girl. Olivia used to be so shy and didn't care much for people at all, now she is so outgoing and waves and smiles to everyone!

Ethan, Lucas, and Olivia.

Gotta love the attempt to get a pictures with these three.

Playing some more....

Ashley, Miranda, and I got Chilies to go and watched American Idol while these 3 had fun.

It was so nice! I honestly can't believe how far we've come!

We had fun, its always nice to see these girls and catch up!

Then the adventure came.....

Ashley and I left Miranda's around 8:30pm it had been raining extremely hard! I mean it looked like what I would think a hurricane would look like! But we had to get home, so we started out, Ashley and I live about 45 minutes away from Miranda. We are driving along Midland following another car, it was impossible to see the road at times and I was just following the lights on the car in front; then they stopped! We wait a few minutes and drive a head of them to an intersection we then see why they stopped, the intersection looked like a lake!! Ashley gets out to see if we could go though, and we could not! She wades though the water and breaks a flip flop, lol, and says no we won't make it!

O my good ness! We turn around and head back to try and get on Rogers Ave., mind you all the way the water is rising! There were some stores and restaurants on Midland that had water to their front door! We are listing to the radio and KISR is saying "do not go on Rogers and/or Waldron, well great now what!? At this point I wanted to cry and Ethan was crying! So I call Brent he says get on the interstate and drive slow, we had already been on the road for over an hour I really just wanted to get home safe. So we get on the interstate and Ethan is hysterical at this point and he didn't have his MiMi 'binki' we pull off the interstate at the Zero St. exit to go to Wal-Mart for a mimi and it looks like a wet, flooded ghost town! No street lights, no parking lot lights at Wal-Mart and NO lights on in Wal-Mart! They are closed! Doors locked! At this point Ethan is really mad and Lucas is starting to get wimpy too. They are tired, hungry, and thirsty. We had no idea we'd be in the car this long and didn't have anything for them. Ashley gets Ethan calmed down and I give Lucas the last tiny bit of watered down sweet tea I had in my cup and we try and head home. Praying all the way!

Once we get on Highway 71 everything is looking good! We run into a few high spots but nothing impassable. The closer we get to Greenwood it is looking perfect! Wet roads but no standing water! Two hours from Miranda's house we get to my house, get the boys out and wait on James to come get Ashley and Ethan.

The boys were so hyper from being in the car all that time, they ran around like crazy for a while and James,Ashley, and Ethan left around 10:30pm!My mom had called me when she heard about the rain totals I of course didn't answer in all that so I called her back and told her we made it home. Pheew Brent, Lucas, and I head to bed at 11:30pm! Wow what a night!

Ashley's staus quote on facebook summed it up perfectly " That was a scary adventure! A 45 minute trip turned into a 2 1/2 hour trip with lots of rain, 2 blind girls, and a screaming kid! We made it home safe PTL!"

This is one of those things I will never forget and for many years I can say to Ashley "remember that time...."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

40 Things that will make you feel old......

A friend that frequents The Knot found this and showed me.
I loved it! I had to share it and put it on here to always have it.


2. This is what the Pepsi girl looks like today. She is 19!
3.The final episode of the Teletubbies aired 10 years ago.
5. Top 5 songs 15 years ago.
6. This year's 18 year olds were born it 1993.
7. Macaulay Culkin is 30.
8. Kimmy Gibbler today.
9. Surge hasn't been sold in over 10 years.
10. 12 years ago.
11. Elijah Wood is 30. He was 18 when he was cast in The Lord of the Rings.
12. The Spice Girls' ages.
13. The Backstreet Boys' ages.
14. T.V. Guide from 20 years ago.
15. T.V. Guide from 15 years ago.
16. T.V. Guide from 10 years ago.
17. JFK would be 92 years old this year.
18. Marilyn Monroe would be 86.
19. The Rugrats' ages today.
20. If the Simpson's actually aged, Bart would be 31.
21. Kurt Cobain has been dead for 17 years.
22. Aaliyah has been dead for 10 years.
23. The first state quarter came out 11 years ago.
24. Hasn't been on American T.V. in 9 years.
25. Have been divorced for 6 years.
26. The cast of Boy Meets World ages'.
27. Family Guy has been on for 12 years.
28. Nirvana Baby.
29. All 3 Hanson brothers are married with kids.
30. Goosebumps books were released between 1992 and 1997. There hasn't been a new one in 14 years.
31.Daniel Radcliff 10 years ago.
32. Napster was launched 11 years ago.
33. Kids these days will not know what "Rewinding" is.
34. A new episode hasn't aired in 13 years.
35. The Macarena is 16 years old.
36. Jonathan Lipnicki
37. The first commercial with the Taco Bell dog aired 14 years ago. The chihuahua has been dead for 2 years.
38. The little girl from Jurassic Park is 31.
39. 1990
40. Clarissa is this old.