Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I tickle me...

and other funny things Luke is saying.

  • "I hold jew" meaning I want you to hold me.

  • "sucker too" meaning I want a sucker or whatever else right now it's always suckers.

  • "Momma do do do do doing" meaning momma what are you doing.

  • "Daddy told" meaning daddy got on to me, Brent says " I told you...... that's where I think this came from.

  • "Chloes" meaning Chloe I have no clue why he always says it plural.

  • "Beastie Bunny" meaning Easter Bunny.

  • "Right dare" meaning right there.

  • "Wanna watch Bobby" meaning I want to watch cartoons at night. We usually watch King of the Hill, ha!

  • "Mommy spider" meaning mommy a bug.

  • "T.B. mote" meaning t.v. remote.

  • "Belly But" meaning belly button.

  • "Happy Dirtday" meaning happy birthday.

  • "Ucas" meaning Lucas.

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Jessica S. said...

HOW FUNNY! =D i'm cracking up