Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Party Time!

A food Party that is!

Friday night I hosted a Tastefully Simple party at my house and it was so much fun! I love having people over and using all my fun dishes! And the food was so yummy as always!

A few of the dips we tried.

The best beer bread ever!

Everyone's Favorite! It is served with "Twisty Grahams" a graham cracker pretzel, so so good!

I really enjoyed everyone who came! I had a small group but I think everyone had a great time! Including the 2 year olds and the dogs! Only at my house ;)

I can't wait for Kristin's and Miranda's Parties in the next month!

Had to post this:

I am making my friend's little girl a dress for her shower and I am so excited! I worked on the bow to match on Saturday and it is done! So now I have to start on the dress, hopefully I can get it done this week/weekend!

My very first bow :)

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Jessica S. said...

that was a great party and that bow is SOOOOOOO cute