Friday, May 27, 2011

Time Flys....

I've always heard about how fast time goes once you graduate, once you leave home, once you have kids, etc. I honestly never thought much about it but gosh those statements are so true! I cannot believe it has been 6 years since I graduated high school! I remember making fun of Brent when we first got together about his 10 year reunion coming up now mine in just around the corner, scary! Most of my high school friends are married and or have kid(s) it blows my mind.

I can still remember being so young and playing all summer with my brother and our friends down the way. Such sweet memories and such simple times. We didn't have cell phones, we didn't have t.v. channels with cartoons on all day, we definitely didn't have computers and Internet or video games worth playing for long hours. I often wonder if these things are going to take away from the childhood of kids today. I hurt to think Lucas won't have those summer days like I did- outside all day, making things, riding bikes, playing at the neighbors house all without a care in the world. I have to wonder if my generation got the best end of the deal, we had just enough "stuff" to keep us really comfortable and entertained but we still had to use our imaginations and have "real" relationships with "friends" but maybe everyone thinks that when they look back at their childhood.

I wonder what the best balance is with everything today. I wonder should a toddler have a t.v. in their room? Should a 4th grader have a cell phone? When is Facebook safe enough for my babies? Is it ever going to be? Will I hold them back if I don't provide all these things at an early age?

I keep begging Brent for a pool hoping if Lucas has a pool maybe, just maybe he won't need all that other "stuff". Ha! Who am I kidding.....

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