Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Weekend and Then Some.....

We did not do much in the way of 'Memorial Day' weekend this year but we had a fun long weekend around the house.

Friday evening after work I went to work in the Nursery for "Date Night". The kids were so good! And we had a fun time playing on the playground and eating pizza.

Lucas got to stay with Daddy and this was one of the pictures I got while I was away. :)

Saturday Brent went to the racetrack to play around for the day and Luke and I went to McDonald's for lunch and to play in the play place. He hadn't been in a very long time, last time we went he really couldn't play at all but he was so proud of him self for going all the way though it and he would come down the slide saying "Mommy I did it" he is getting so big.

We went to Hob Lob to pick up some last minute shower things then went home for a nap.

I just love pictures of Lucas sleeping.

While Lucas napped I did this!

We've needed somewhere for all our shoes, bags, umbrellas, and just everyday things that usually get thrown on the table so I made this our little 'mud area' right outside the door to the garage. I am really liking it.

Saturday Lucas informed me he was riding his 'motorcycle' wearing his 'helmet' I laughed so hard!

Another funny one. Lucas in his 'Woody boots' on the wrong feet, but he put them on himself and he was so proud.

I've been wanting some big rocks for my flower bed so Sunday Brent retrieved these from his dad's land.

Nothing better than my hubby moving big rocks! I love him!

And here they are in place.

Love love love my flower bed! I will be over the moon when my hydrangeas bloom!

Lucas before we went to eat with the family on Monday.

Monday afternoon Brent was told he would be in Conway for the week for work. Lucas helped daddy pack of course. They got the job done that day so he didn't have to stay after all. I was glad. I don't mind Brent being out of town but I sure do like it when he's home :)

Lucas and I last night playing the keyboard.

I have ANOTHER 3 day weekend this weekend, I am taking off work tomorrow to get everything ready for the baby shower Saturday! Then the rest of my weekend I will be at the racetrack with my family. I can't wait!

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Jessica S. said...

great pictures and i LOVE those rocks!!!! =)