Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend!

We had a very shall I say interesting eventful weekend. Poor Brent.

Friday I honestly don't remember what we did, or what we had for dinner. (isn't that sad!? what's wrong with me!?)
I did go ahead and give Brent his father's day gift because lets face it there was no hiding these!

Blueberry and Snickers Cupcakes! From the very best cupcake maker in the world!

Had to get a picture! I bet he's the only guy he knows who got cupcakes for fathers day! ha!

Saturday morning Brent had to get up bright and early 4:30 am early, for work. I was up because my allergies were going haywire! I couldn't get back to sleep so when Lucas got up and we got around we went to Chick-fil-a to play and eat breakfast. After breakfast we went and bought a new box springs for Luke's new big boy bed! Then went home for a nap before a baby shower.

After the baby shower Papaw (Brent's dad) picked Lucas up for a family reunion in Charleston and Brent and I were going to go eat dinner at Rolando's when he got home from work.

Lucas left at 3:30 and Brent would not be home until around 7 all that time at home by myself was weird! I took a nap and watched some t.v. got ready for dinner and headed to the shop to pick him up to save time on him coming all the way home. We went and ate and it was yummy! I had never been there but wow so good and the cake we had for desert was the best! We headed back to the shop to pick up his truck and headed home to get Lucas. We had a good time and got to catch up on the week.

Sunday (father's day) Brent slept in and then we all went to Popeye's for lunch (Brent's choice) half way though lunch Brent's phone rings, it's work and he's got to leave for Conway at 9 tonight, bummer. We finished lunch and go pick up the box springs I bought yesterday and headed home.

Luke's new big boy bed!

Mom and I had planned on doing a fajita dinner for the "dads" Sunday night and at the last minute we found out Brent's grandparents and uncle would be town to celebrate with us! We ended up having a houseful! It was such a fun time and Lucas and Waylon got to spend some time with their great grandparents. Too bad we had to cut it short to let Brent get on the road but that's how it goes sometimes.

My silly side kick always keeping me entertained!

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Jessica S. said...

aww! Great post! and those cupcakes look SO GOOD! making my mouth water! haha