Thursday, June 28, 2012

Titbits for Thursday

I wasn't going to post today because my mind is all over the place and I didn't think I could put anything together but here I am! I'm gonna try.
  • I am so very ready for fall!! We've been to the water park and swimming pool and I have some color on me so now fall cannot get here fast enough! With these 105+ temps I am done with it!

  • Cooper recovered very well from his surgery, had to wear a cone for about a day but is better than ever now! Luke was so upset when we had to drop him off, he cried and said "Cooper's my friend"  They've been inseperable since we picked him up that afternoon. Even though some days are hard with having 2 dogs I am so glad Cooper is in our family!

  • We watched Project X last night, o my word it was so funny! I literally laughed out loud on some parts. It kinda brought back the high school days and made me that much more terrified of the highschool years with Luke! Yikes!!

  • Brent may have to work most of the weekend, we are bummed about that but that's just how it goes sometimes. To keep Luke and I's spirts up I'm thinking about taking him to see the new Madagasgar movie at the "big" theather! I can almost smell the popcorn now!

  • Speaking of movies Please tell me whats all the hype about Magic Mike? I guess I just don't get it! I can most defientally think of better movies to go see, Hello Ted anyone!?

  • Lucas has had a very hard time with being dropped off at school in the mornings, it makes me so sad when he cries for me in the morings I'm not sure why he does it. He has become such a momma's boy and wants to be with me all the time. He is so sweet.

I guess that's all I got! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mall Fun Weekend!

                                           We had a very fun low key weekend! 

This was Lucas at about 6:00 Friday eveing, his schedule was so trown off last week he always wanted to nap at 5 and 6. So hard. But he woke up to go to a cookout with some family. We stayed and watched half of the baseball game, it was a good time!

Saturday I got up early (as always) and did some cleaning and orgaizing. Once the boys got up we were trying to come up with something to do for the afternoon and the mall seemed like a good option since it's way to hot here to be outside.

So we went to the mall and had lunch at El Chico, Lucas loves cheese dip right now so he had fun.
Then we went to Dillards and he found some shirts, he is growing up so fast and he is really starting to show me things he likes, I just love it so much! Then we went down to the play area and Brent and I tag teamed, he'd stay with Luke while I went to a store and then I stayed while he went to a store.  It worked beautifuly! Then we got cookies and decided on a hair cut! Luke's hair has been in his eyes and it was just driving him crazy not to mention all the sweat.
This was his 3rd hair cut and I still get sad every time! I just love his blond baby hair.

After the hair cut we left the mall and went to Petco! Lucas wanted to see the fish and the mouses. ha! But it was adoption day and we got to see dogs and cats too.

He thought Chloe would like this bone! ha!

After Petco we headed home and Luke got to go over to Pawpa's to stay the night. He loves getting to do that!
And we got an impromtu date night!

Ready to go to Pawpa's!

We droped Luke off and went to wally world to rent movies and get stuff to make grilled chicken salad.

Sunday I got up and went to get Luke and breakfast!
We didn't do much all day, did some things around the house and played and watched t.v.
For dinner we met Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jay and Waylon and Nana and Pawpa at Western Sizzlen to eat for a late fathers day dinner.
A nice slow relaxing weekend. They don't happen often enough!

And my little brown baby has to have his surgery tomorrow. Poor guy so the rest of the week I will be getting him back up and running.

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Hair!!

I really like it! It is just what I wanted, low maintence!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday

  • We had a really good father's day! Brent got to be home with us after being out of town for a few days so that made it really special! All Lucas kept saying he wanted to get him was a trip to walmart so we got him a fun card and a giftcard to walmart, hopefully they will get to go shopping soon! Lucas also made this little card for daddy at school it's pretty cute. If you can't read it, it says:
My Daddy's name is Brent
he is 3 years old and 'this much big' tall and weighs 6 dollars pounds
His favorite food is chicken nuggets
My dad is really good at racecars
He loves to play cars with me
My favorite thing to do with my dad is go to the ice cream pizza store (Genos)
I'm just like my dad because loves momma (kills me, so sweet!)
What I love most about my daddy is he takes me to here (school)
It makes dad happy when I go to walmart with him
We sure miss daddy when he's away and this time was no different! We were so glad to get to spend Sunday with him!
  • Also when daddy is away Luke and I spend a lot of time playing, I never cook dinner when Brent's out of town so we have lots of time in the evening to play and laugh and I truly adore it, I hope by spending time doing what he loves he won't be so sad that daddy isn't home.
  • Brent and I are trying to be really good with our food choices, and it is hard!! I've only had 1 Sonic Cherry Coke in 3 weeks and that my friends is a record! When I go to happy hour I get water, which is pointless but still it's working! We are trying to fix healthier meals at home and to cut out the sugar! Jessica turned me on to a new App for dieting, but it also has a great tool for exercise too! It's called Loose it and it is much like my fitness pal but to me it's easier? and I like that you can put in your exercise to take your calories down some. I have found that counting calories is hard and I have been frustrated most of the week with it all but I am going to push though and hopefully see some results in a few weeks!
  • I had an awesome check-up and cleaning at the dentist! I am so very proud of myself those of you who know me know I loathe going to the dentist, they always seem to find something! But this time I got a "good job" but one kinda bad thing I have to go back in a few weeks to have an old filling fixed, they told me it was nothing I had done it just happens so I was thrilled with that :) Next time I won't be scared at all to go!
  • I came up with an idea to try and get Luke to sleep in his bed, he is just getting so big and while I love his snuggles we are at war in the middle of the night with space issues.So here is our plan: We made a chart with him and put the days of the week on it. If he goes to sleep in his bed (he doesn't have to stay in there all night, yet) all week then on Saturday we will take him to Chuck E. Cheese! So far it isn't working.....
(gotta love my drawing of Chucky ha!)

  • I think I've come to the conclusion that taking my little Cooper on a jog in the evening is good for me, for him, and my whole household! I get some exercise and he gets wore out so he isn't driving us crazy! ha!
Wore out from our jog last night

  • I have a hair appointment this afternoon and I am so very excited! I am getting some of my dead ends cut off and put into layers and I think I'm going to tell her I want it colored mostly brown with a few tiny blond pieces peaking out, my goal is to not have to go back for touch up so the blond needs to be pretty scarce and can grow or fade out. I am really ready to have my brown healthy hair back. Hoping the blond bug doesn't strike again! ha!
  • Luke has been out of school all week and staying with my mom (mema), I'm very glad they've gotten to spend this time together even if it has thrown his schedule for a complete loop!
  • Have you got to watch that show called "7 Days of Sex"? It's on Lifetime and it is a very interesting show! They show 2 couples that are having trouble in their marriage and the solution is to have sex for 7 days, most of the time it works! Makes them happier and closer! It's become one of my favorite shows!
  • I guess Wednesdays will be our summer pool days! We love going, Luke is such a water baby and I am loving getting a tan this year!
  • I love shopping online at OldNavy, I love being able to get Luke and I clothes at the same place. They always send me coupons and with free shipping you really can't beat it!
  •  I think Brent and I are going to try to go to a movie this weekend! We still have some giftcards from Christmas we haven't got to use and we both want to see the new Adam Sandler movie!
Happy *almost* Weekend!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Perfect, I'm not......

In blogland I think we often find ourselves reading and looking at other ladies and familys with blinders, as in, they have it all together or she has the perfect family,body,house,what have you.
I do this a lot, sometimes I think if only I could do that...., then.....

So that got me to this post, to prove to myself and anyone else how so not perfect we really are.
I hope you do one of your own so I can see that I'm not the only one lacking some skills ;)

  • I'm never going to be debt free.Sure I would love to have little to no bills but we enjoy nice things and those come at a price, we are young and just starting out, we make good decisions and never let it get out of control.
  • I'm not a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Jeans to me are uncomfortable I will almost always choose a long skirt or dress over jeans any day of the week!
  • I don't buy organic. I know it's terrible but I don't, not the dirty dozen, nothing. My town doesn't offer a whole lot organic at the chain stores where I shop and it's usually priced a lot higher if they do.
  • I don't watch the Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, or American Idol. I just can't get into shows like that.
  • I'm never going to be "finished" decorating my house. I've always enjoyed moving things around and "re-doing" rooms, I love it and our house will never stop being tweaked. I am just so grateful Brent puts up with it! ha!
  • I'll never tell my kiddo's no to a snack. Unless I am putting dinner on the table I will almost always give in to snacks, sometimes I try to say no but if Luke wants something to eat I will give it to him.
  • I don't feel guilty for being a working mom. It used to really bother me that I worked, but knowing what I know now I am so thankful I went with it! Lucas is one of the most social kids I've ever seen and I attribute that to learning that other people love him too.
  • I will never enjoy drinking water. I hate drinking water, I know I need to drink more but some days it just doesn't happen.
  • I'll never enjoy reading kids books. I will play with Luke all day but once he asks me to read books I think "ah man!" I will always read him a few but it is not fun for me.
  • I'll never be worried about germs and dirt. Even when Luke was a baby I never feared the germ. I don't freak out when he touches things or eats something off the floor he gets a bath every night and is as healthy as a horse!
  • I don't think I will ever be truly ready for baby #2. Yes we will have more kids in God's timing but I think I will morn Luke not being the only one for a bit. I'm scared because I know what I'll be getting myself in to!
Ok now let's here yours!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Song for Saturday!

This is a such a sweet song, kinda sad.

E for Explosion
This is me being honest

And I will never be the same

I can barely speak your name

I'm clutching empty clothes

Lost in a void that only grows

In a skin I've grown to hate

And if you only knew

That this is all that I can do

Its God's honest truth

I just miss you

I can still hear your voice

Though its surrounded by the noise

The noise of loss and love

And all the prayers that weren't enough

To trade a miracle for your choice

And if you only knew

That this is all that I can do

Its God's honest truth

I just miss you

And I had to be high

When I told you she was the love of my life

And I'm so damn sick of goodbyes

I'm over kisses leaving scars as reminders I'm alive

If I could take all of your pain

I'd hide it all away

I can say one things for sure

You know I hate it when you hurt

And you're worth every minute I wait

If you only knew

That this is all that I can do

Its God's honest truth

I just miss you

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Thursday my days are flying by!
  • Luke and I went with friends to the wadding pool again last night, I love going and getting some sun while Luke wears himself completely out! It's a win win in my book!
  • Our "new" car was almost a no go!! Brent found some damage that he wasn't expecting on it and was ready to throw the towel in but he called the guy he bought it from and he offered to give him the money to get it fixed so I guess we're back on, I don't think it will  be going to Branson with us though :(
  • Next Thursday I have a hair appointment!! I am very excited but a little apprehensive also. I love my hair blond but I don't like the "up keep" and with my hair long again I kinda just love it whatever color it is so I am going to go darker. What I can't decide is weather to go dark all at once or try and make it a little more subtle. decisions decisions.
  • As of today we have no plans for the weekend, which I  love. I know Brent will be in the shop working on the new ride a bunch but I'm just hoping to get the house clean, yard mowed, and dogs bathed.
  • I just have to say I love my Kindle! If you are on the fence about getting one, I would go for it. I love keeping it in my bag and whipping it out to read where ever I am and I love having something smaller to browse (shop) online while I'm watching t.v. at night.
  • Speaking of books I have to mention the Shades of Grey books again, I just can't help it. I'm over half way through the 2nd book and I am completely in love with them. I cannot stop reading sure I've read about some things that completely blew my mind and I hate to say it but I've had to google some words but I've never had an experience quite like this with a book before! Read this short post, it'll give you an idea.
  • Last night Luke took every toy out of his toy box to sit in it! It was funny but I also took the opportunity to go through them and put some in the yard sale pile, yay! He helped and told me what he wanted to keep and sell it was fun!
  • Lucas got a new really big boy car seat this weekend for Daddy's work truck, it's much smaller (thinner?) than his others so Brent can keep it in his truck and take and pick him up from school when he's in town. They are both loving it!
  • I guess that's about all I have to share, hope your having a good week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've caught the fever......

yes friends the Bieber fever

I know last week was all "Oh I feel so old" and all that with turning 25 but I guess 17 year old me isn't as far away as I thought!
I've honestly never thought much about "the Bieber", I remember one local radio station was giving away tickets a long time ago and I could have swore they were saying Justin Beaver, and I remember thinking wow how unfortunate! ha!
I did however find his song "Girlfriend" to be pretty catchy but I resisted the download on itunes, telling myself that's kid stuff but always hoping to catch it on the radio :)
But a few days ago I was browsing in itunes and came across one of his newest ones (?I think)
"as long as you love me" and I could not resist anymore!
So yes I am jamming out to Justin Bieber, hate me :)

This paired with my recent reads of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series and watching the first episode of the last season of Teen Mom last night (which was heart wrenching), I'm feeling real in the know today!
I might me older but I'm not old, yet.....

Monday, June 11, 2012

My {birthday} Weekend!

I had such a good birthday and birthday weekend. I felt immensely loved and thought about. My family and friends are simply amazing!

From the texts, fb messages, and emails to the gifts and such sweet words. I am so incredibly blessed. And I hope I bless others the way I have been, everyone deserves to feel so special on their day. I have to get better at that, I just have to :)

We started my birthday festivities Thursday night at Chili's with Brent's parents and sister and family. Kristin and I LOVE Chili's so when we get our pick that is it! I honestly don't even remember what I had for dinner but I do remember desert! Love that molton cake! Luke does too and told the waiter that night "I love this!" so funny! Both boys were so very good! Luke loves having a little cousin to entertain and Waylon loves having someone to watch and laugh at, they are so fun!

My father in law is the best, I know where Brent gets his attention to detail which makes all the difference in gift giving! I have been wanting a waterpik for a while and we talked about it a while back but he remembered and got me one! I love it!

Kristin got me the cutest flower and some lip gloss, she knows me all to well!

Friday I walk in to work and see this! Gifts, cards, and flowers!
In the bag was a new Tervis cup! Great for work and on the go!

My sweetest and best work buddy, Jessica got me some very pretty daisys, my favorite!

Some of the other girls got me a big cookie and lots of other goodies!

I went to lunch with mom and she gave me a cupcake and some spending money for the evening, knowing me all to well! ha!

Friday afternoon I left work early and we dropped Luke off with Papaw and headed north for the evening! I had SO much fun! Just the ride up there with Brent and dinner was great! We went to On the Boarder then went to the Promenade. We walked around and bought some goodies.

(brent does not look happy, but he is ;)
We also stopped at Andy's Frozen Custard, yummy yummy stuff!

Brent's dad let us take his Challenger, which made the evening even more fun!

My new Fossil wallet, loving this color!

We got home around 10 and left Luke with Papaw for the night,  we were exhausted but got up early the next morning for breakfast and bowling!
We went to Waffle House for breakfast or brunch I should say, my poor child has no clue what real breakfast is and wanted a cheeseburger at 10:45 in the morning! ha!
Then we went to Toys r us and Walmart for some birthday gifts and such before the bowling ally opened!

Brent loves bowling and Lucas loved it too! We bowled 2 games (which I was the looser, not the 3 year old ha!) then spent some time and money in the arcade area!

Little bowling shoes are so funny!

We all went home and Luke took a nap because we had a BBQ with my side of the family that night!
We had grilled burgers and brats, lots of yummy sides and an amazing chocolate cake!
I got a few more gifts and a gift card to my favorite place, Chili's for more cake! ha!

Sunday we went to a birthday party for Luke's little friend Lance.

Lots of swimming and it was Mickey Mouse theme! Luke had a blast!

Had to get a picture next to Mickey! ha!

After that we went to Target and headed home, we went to eat at Geno's for dinner and stopped by to look at a car that Brent has been eyeing....

And we welcomed this beauty into the family! A 1970 Dodge Challenger, Brent is excited, and Lucas is amazed!
I can't wait to get it cleaned up and painted!
We are going with white paint and red/black interior! It's going to be so fun to have a car we can ride around in and something Luke and Brent and get into together!

And that's about it! Whew I'm glad I'm back at work so I can rest ;)
Great birthday followed by a great weekend!
I can't wait to see where this year takes me!

Friday, June 8, 2012

{25 Year Old Katie}

I can't believe it, 25! Where do the years go?
I still feel like the 8 year old girl playing Barbies and riding my bike until dark. If I think hard enough I can still feel and smell my mom's house in the summer time and hear my Mema yell my name.
At the same time, I still feel like the 17 year old girl driving around and getting into mischief with friends on the weekends, worrying way to much about boys and clothes.
Yet here I am 25, with a husband who is the light of my life and a perfect little boy, dogs that keep me loving and crazy and a cat to complete the house. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams, I am a lucky girl and sometimes in the midst of it all I realize I'm a lucky girl and am completely taken aback.
Life has been good to me these 25 years. I seriously wouldn't change a gosh darn thing. Every trial and heartache has led me to where I am today and I honestly could not be happier or see myself any other way.
I have a great amount of respect for myself for coming through some heartaches without being brought under or changed for the worse.
I have even more respect for my mom, for loving me unconditionally for 25 years and knowing she will for the next 25.
I have lost friends and family along the way, who I miss dearly, but the ones who are still with me mean the world to me, they keep me grounded and sane and happy.
So today I will not be sad for the years gone by but so very thankful for them and ready to see what the future holds for little ol' me.

I'm going to celebrate this one right!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • I turn 25 tomorrow!
  •  Umm I turn 25 TOMORROW!! I still can't wrap my head around it! My birthday festivities started yesterday and go through Saturday! I am ok with turning 25 I think.....
  • Brent surprised me with my Kindle Fire last night! I pretty much knew I was getting one but didn't know I would get it so soon :)
  • Have you ever had bathing suit bottoms laid out to dry on your desk at work? I didn't think so.....
  • Speaking of bathing suites Luke and I met some friends at a wadding pool yesterday this one was closer to home so we can go after work! We had a lot of fun! I always love getting to spend time with Liz and the boys got to run around and play, they were exhausted!

  • Can I just say how very excited I am to get an evening with my hubby all to myself! Luke is staying the night with Papaw and Brent and I are headed to Fayetteville after work tomorrow!
  • I think we finally decided what to do on vacation this year! More on that later :)
  • Lucas has been so funny lately (I know what else is new) but really he has me in tears some days laughing so hard at him! He is such a stinker!
  • We went on a bike ride Tuesday night and I made it up the hill pulling Luke in the trailer, I couldn't believe it! I am really getting better at the bike riding thing!
  • Brent is on a diet and I am trying to be good, well at least when he's around I'm trying. I've cut out a lot of my sweets and haven't had a coke in days! I just wish I could remember to do those nightly sit ups.....
  • Swim suite shopping! Enough said, good grief what a thing to have to go though. I found one though! After lots of research online I found one at WalMart of all places! It's not the one I went for it's better and only cost me $16 I almost cried! It hides my tummy completely and so it works!
  • I think I'm becoming slightly obsessed with swimming, I've always loved water and now that I have Luke who loves it too I am having a blast! Brent hates water, well he hates public pools! ha! Yea they're gross but hey I don't mind :)
  • I finished Fifty Shades of Grey and cannot wait to read the next book, I bought it last night on my new Kindle and hope to find sometime today to start it!!
  • That's about it! I will definitely recap next week on my birthday weekend!
Have a good weekend!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Weekend!

We had a very summer fun filled weekend! I am loving having someone to play with this summer! ha!

Friday we went to Friday's to eat and then to play at Chuck E. Cheese with Aunt Kristin, Uncle Jay, and WayWay! Lucas had a blast at Chucky's and got to see him! Lucas loves that big mouse, it kinda gives me the willy's! He won 100 tickets, with the help of momma's Sketball skills, and got a big blue crayon!

Saturday we hung around the house until lunch time.
Then we packed up our bikes, went to Geno's for lunch and then found a trail to ride on! It was SO much fun! We rode for 5 miles, it took us over an hour but we did the whole trail! There were some moments I was not happy and I think I may have cried from the pain but I did it! One of the steepest hills, at the top is look out of the city! So neat and very worth it!  I can't wait to go back!

After we got home and  I got Luke down for a nap I rewarded myself with a trip to the nail place! ha! I hadn't been in ages but got a manicure and pedicure, I got shellac put on my nails to help with my biting habit but I think it was old or applied wrong because it was flaking off by the time I got home, I peeled it all off last night :/ O well! My toes still look cute! Ha! Saturday night we had Mexican take out and it was yummy!
Sunday we got up and got ready to check out a water park near by with Ashley and Ethan!

Lucas had the best time! He loves water so much and just jumped right in!

He went down the only slide that he could about 10 times and wanted so bad to go down the others but he's to short :)

We played there for 3 hours and the boys were not ready to leave!

I loved it because while he played in the wading pool I can sun bathe! Awesome.

I can see us going back many more times this summer!

After we got home we went to eat with Nana and Papa at Geno's (yes again, Brent's on a low cal diet and that is the only place to get good sandwiches in Greenwood ha!)

And that's about it!
 I usually loath summer time but this one is beginning pretty darn good!