Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Thursday my days are flying by!
  • Luke and I went with friends to the wadding pool again last night, I love going and getting some sun while Luke wears himself completely out! It's a win win in my book!
  • Our "new" car was almost a no go!! Brent found some damage that he wasn't expecting on it and was ready to throw the towel in but he called the guy he bought it from and he offered to give him the money to get it fixed so I guess we're back on, I don't think it will  be going to Branson with us though :(
  • Next Thursday I have a hair appointment!! I am very excited but a little apprehensive also. I love my hair blond but I don't like the "up keep" and with my hair long again I kinda just love it whatever color it is so I am going to go darker. What I can't decide is weather to go dark all at once or try and make it a little more subtle. decisions decisions.
  • As of today we have no plans for the weekend, which I  love. I know Brent will be in the shop working on the new ride a bunch but I'm just hoping to get the house clean, yard mowed, and dogs bathed.
  • I just have to say I love my Kindle! If you are on the fence about getting one, I would go for it. I love keeping it in my bag and whipping it out to read where ever I am and I love having something smaller to browse (shop) online while I'm watching t.v. at night.
  • Speaking of books I have to mention the Shades of Grey books again, I just can't help it. I'm over half way through the 2nd book and I am completely in love with them. I cannot stop reading sure I've read about some things that completely blew my mind and I hate to say it but I've had to google some words but I've never had an experience quite like this with a book before! Read this short post, it'll give you an idea.
  • Last night Luke took every toy out of his toy box to sit in it! It was funny but I also took the opportunity to go through them and put some in the yard sale pile, yay! He helped and told me what he wanted to keep and sell it was fun!
  • Lucas got a new really big boy car seat this weekend for Daddy's work truck, it's much smaller (thinner?) than his others so Brent can keep it in his truck and take and pick him up from school when he's in town. They are both loving it!
  • I guess that's about all I have to share, hope your having a good week!

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