Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • I turn 25 tomorrow!
  •  Umm I turn 25 TOMORROW!! I still can't wrap my head around it! My birthday festivities started yesterday and go through Saturday! I am ok with turning 25 I think.....
  • Brent surprised me with my Kindle Fire last night! I pretty much knew I was getting one but didn't know I would get it so soon :)
  • Have you ever had bathing suit bottoms laid out to dry on your desk at work? I didn't think so.....
  • Speaking of bathing suites Luke and I met some friends at a wadding pool yesterday this one was closer to home so we can go after work! We had a lot of fun! I always love getting to spend time with Liz and the boys got to run around and play, they were exhausted!

  • Can I just say how very excited I am to get an evening with my hubby all to myself! Luke is staying the night with Papaw and Brent and I are headed to Fayetteville after work tomorrow!
  • I think we finally decided what to do on vacation this year! More on that later :)
  • Lucas has been so funny lately (I know what else is new) but really he has me in tears some days laughing so hard at him! He is such a stinker!
  • We went on a bike ride Tuesday night and I made it up the hill pulling Luke in the trailer, I couldn't believe it! I am really getting better at the bike riding thing!
  • Brent is on a diet and I am trying to be good, well at least when he's around I'm trying. I've cut out a lot of my sweets and haven't had a coke in days! I just wish I could remember to do those nightly sit ups.....
  • Swim suite shopping! Enough said, good grief what a thing to have to go though. I found one though! After lots of research online I found one at WalMart of all places! It's not the one I went for it's better and only cost me $16 I almost cried! It hides my tummy completely and so it works!
  • I think I'm becoming slightly obsessed with swimming, I've always loved water and now that I have Luke who loves it too I am having a blast! Brent hates water, well he hates public pools! ha! Yea they're gross but hey I don't mind :)
  • I finished Fifty Shades of Grey and cannot wait to read the next book, I bought it last night on my new Kindle and hope to find sometime today to start it!!
  • That's about it! I will definitely recap next week on my birthday weekend!
Have a good weekend!

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Ashley said...

Happy early Birthday!!! 25 was a great year for me!!! I hate shopping for swim suits!!! I want a Kindle Fire soooo BAD!! i may buy myself one for my 28th BDay in Spetember! I hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow!!