Friday, June 8, 2012

{25 Year Old Katie}

I can't believe it, 25! Where do the years go?
I still feel like the 8 year old girl playing Barbies and riding my bike until dark. If I think hard enough I can still feel and smell my mom's house in the summer time and hear my Mema yell my name.
At the same time, I still feel like the 17 year old girl driving around and getting into mischief with friends on the weekends, worrying way to much about boys and clothes.
Yet here I am 25, with a husband who is the light of my life and a perfect little boy, dogs that keep me loving and crazy and a cat to complete the house. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams, I am a lucky girl and sometimes in the midst of it all I realize I'm a lucky girl and am completely taken aback.
Life has been good to me these 25 years. I seriously wouldn't change a gosh darn thing. Every trial and heartache has led me to where I am today and I honestly could not be happier or see myself any other way.
I have a great amount of respect for myself for coming through some heartaches without being brought under or changed for the worse.
I have even more respect for my mom, for loving me unconditionally for 25 years and knowing she will for the next 25.
I have lost friends and family along the way, who I miss dearly, but the ones who are still with me mean the world to me, they keep me grounded and sane and happy.
So today I will not be sad for the years gone by but so very thankful for them and ready to see what the future holds for little ol' me.

I'm going to celebrate this one right!


Jessica S. said...

YAY FOR BIRTHDAYS!! I'm so glad you were born 25 years ago! =) Hope you have a wonderful date tonight with your love and that it will be a very memorable year for you!! love ya!

Ashley said...

You won my print runner giveaway! Please email me!
Ashley (@) crucecorner (.) com

I couldn't reply to your message it didn't show you had you email turns on for comments. I need to send them then you email address and name and they will contact you and you will be awarded this month!

Sorry it took me so long I just completely forgot about it and they emailed me for the winners name Ooops! Happy Birthday again!!