Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've caught the fever......

yes friends the Bieber fever

I know last week was all "Oh I feel so old" and all that with turning 25 but I guess 17 year old me isn't as far away as I thought!
I've honestly never thought much about "the Bieber", I remember one local radio station was giving away tickets a long time ago and I could have swore they were saying Justin Beaver, and I remember thinking wow how unfortunate! ha!
I did however find his song "Girlfriend" to be pretty catchy but I resisted the download on itunes, telling myself that's kid stuff but always hoping to catch it on the radio :)
But a few days ago I was browsing in itunes and came across one of his newest ones (?I think)
"as long as you love me" and I could not resist anymore!
So yes I am jamming out to Justin Bieber, hate me :)

This paired with my recent reads of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series and watching the first episode of the last season of Teen Mom last night (which was heart wrenching), I'm feeling real in the know today!
I might me older but I'm not old, yet.....

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