Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday

  • We had a really good father's day! Brent got to be home with us after being out of town for a few days so that made it really special! All Lucas kept saying he wanted to get him was a trip to walmart so we got him a fun card and a giftcard to walmart, hopefully they will get to go shopping soon! Lucas also made this little card for daddy at school it's pretty cute. If you can't read it, it says:
My Daddy's name is Brent
he is 3 years old and 'this much big' tall and weighs 6 dollars pounds
His favorite food is chicken nuggets
My dad is really good at racecars
He loves to play cars with me
My favorite thing to do with my dad is go to the ice cream pizza store (Genos)
I'm just like my dad because loves momma (kills me, so sweet!)
What I love most about my daddy is he takes me to here (school)
It makes dad happy when I go to walmart with him
We sure miss daddy when he's away and this time was no different! We were so glad to get to spend Sunday with him!
  • Also when daddy is away Luke and I spend a lot of time playing, I never cook dinner when Brent's out of town so we have lots of time in the evening to play and laugh and I truly adore it, I hope by spending time doing what he loves he won't be so sad that daddy isn't home.
  • Brent and I are trying to be really good with our food choices, and it is hard!! I've only had 1 Sonic Cherry Coke in 3 weeks and that my friends is a record! When I go to happy hour I get water, which is pointless but still it's working! We are trying to fix healthier meals at home and to cut out the sugar! Jessica turned me on to a new App for dieting, but it also has a great tool for exercise too! It's called Loose it and it is much like my fitness pal but to me it's easier? and I like that you can put in your exercise to take your calories down some. I have found that counting calories is hard and I have been frustrated most of the week with it all but I am going to push though and hopefully see some results in a few weeks!
  • I had an awesome check-up and cleaning at the dentist! I am so very proud of myself those of you who know me know I loathe going to the dentist, they always seem to find something! But this time I got a "good job" but one kinda bad thing I have to go back in a few weeks to have an old filling fixed, they told me it was nothing I had done it just happens so I was thrilled with that :) Next time I won't be scared at all to go!
  • I came up with an idea to try and get Luke to sleep in his bed, he is just getting so big and while I love his snuggles we are at war in the middle of the night with space issues.So here is our plan: We made a chart with him and put the days of the week on it. If he goes to sleep in his bed (he doesn't have to stay in there all night, yet) all week then on Saturday we will take him to Chuck E. Cheese! So far it isn't working.....
(gotta love my drawing of Chucky ha!)

  • I think I've come to the conclusion that taking my little Cooper on a jog in the evening is good for me, for him, and my whole household! I get some exercise and he gets wore out so he isn't driving us crazy! ha!
Wore out from our jog last night

  • I have a hair appointment this afternoon and I am so very excited! I am getting some of my dead ends cut off and put into layers and I think I'm going to tell her I want it colored mostly brown with a few tiny blond pieces peaking out, my goal is to not have to go back for touch up so the blond needs to be pretty scarce and can grow or fade out. I am really ready to have my brown healthy hair back. Hoping the blond bug doesn't strike again! ha!
  • Luke has been out of school all week and staying with my mom (mema), I'm very glad they've gotten to spend this time together even if it has thrown his schedule for a complete loop!
  • Have you got to watch that show called "7 Days of Sex"? It's on Lifetime and it is a very interesting show! They show 2 couples that are having trouble in their marriage and the solution is to have sex for 7 days, most of the time it works! Makes them happier and closer! It's become one of my favorite shows!
  • I guess Wednesdays will be our summer pool days! We love going, Luke is such a water baby and I am loving getting a tan this year!
  • I love shopping online at OldNavy, I love being able to get Luke and I clothes at the same place. They always send me coupons and with free shipping you really can't beat it!
  •  I think Brent and I are going to try to go to a movie this weekend! We still have some giftcards from Christmas we haven't got to use and we both want to see the new Adam Sandler movie!
Happy *almost* Weekend!!

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Jessica S. said...

GREAT POST FRIEND!! Love all the pictures too! And the little interview thing that Lucas did is PRECIOUS!