Thursday, June 28, 2012

Titbits for Thursday

I wasn't going to post today because my mind is all over the place and I didn't think I could put anything together but here I am! I'm gonna try.
  • I am so very ready for fall!! We've been to the water park and swimming pool and I have some color on me so now fall cannot get here fast enough! With these 105+ temps I am done with it!

  • Cooper recovered very well from his surgery, had to wear a cone for about a day but is better than ever now! Luke was so upset when we had to drop him off, he cried and said "Cooper's my friend"  They've been inseperable since we picked him up that afternoon. Even though some days are hard with having 2 dogs I am so glad Cooper is in our family!

  • We watched Project X last night, o my word it was so funny! I literally laughed out loud on some parts. It kinda brought back the high school days and made me that much more terrified of the highschool years with Luke! Yikes!!

  • Brent may have to work most of the weekend, we are bummed about that but that's just how it goes sometimes. To keep Luke and I's spirts up I'm thinking about taking him to see the new Madagasgar movie at the "big" theather! I can almost smell the popcorn now!

  • Speaking of movies Please tell me whats all the hype about Magic Mike? I guess I just don't get it! I can most defientally think of better movies to go see, Hello Ted anyone!?

  • Lucas has had a very hard time with being dropped off at school in the mornings, it makes me so sad when he cries for me in the morings I'm not sure why he does it. He has become such a momma's boy and wants to be with me all the time. He is so sweet.

I guess that's all I got! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Jessica S. said...

great post! love the randomness...i want to see brave this weekend! idk if i'll talk Adam into it or not.