Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life {Lately}

I am not sure why I feel the need to give these 'life' updates. I know I have all of 2 readers and they probably don't even make it though these little gems but I think looking back these might be my favorite posts just to see where we are today, this week, this season.

Life is good. I mean really good. Not everything is perfect but I am grateful for my life and how it is unfolding. In fact it's astonishing to me.
Brent has been out of town since last Tuesday. I usually don't like to put it out there that he isn't home, I know it's not safe but this is a big deal right now. He isn't scheduled to be home until Friday evening. I am truckin right along trying to keep Luke's life pretty normal except his missing other half. This is the first time in over a year that he has been gone more than a few days so I am defiantly counting my blessings. We Facetime with Brent at least once a day so that helps so much!

Other than that we are just living life. Lots of going going right now which has been a blessing in disguise since Brent's not with us. Luke does not do well cooped up in the house. Like. at all! So every evening I make sure we have something to do. Tball is tonight. Last night we went to walmart then home to play outside. Tomorrow we might go to Pawpa's house, it's just little things but it keeps us going and from getting sad at home.

Lucas is doing so well in school! He can read around 10 words and knows so much with is letters. He can tell you what letter a word starts with when you ask him. He is also doing better with discipline this 2nd half of the year and he is doing great at telling others his feelings and not crying or hitting back if someone is doing that to him. Every night he wants to read about Jesus and brings me his little bible and we read some stories from it. He will tell people "God wants our hearts" and tears slip (from me) everytime. I hope he is always such a bright light.

Tomorrow is May and I can't even believe it! I am so beyond excited for this summer! I am looking forward to family trips, afternoons at the pool, tan legs, rides in the Mustang, lots of reading, yummy drinks, and maybe just maybe the promise of a sweet baby to grow our family.

Monday we close on our new home loan and while I not sure how big that is for other people it's huge for us. We have worked so hard and with the help of Brent's sweet Granny we will be at a place I never even dreamed of at age 25. It still takes my breath away. I will able to be at home, raising my kids, taking them places, not having to worry about how will I get them here or there and I hope I can help other moms as well. I would love nothing more than to have my Tahoe chalk full of loud kids after school.

I have found an amazing since of myself these past few months. I know the Unglued bible study was put in my life at a perfect time. I learned while I am rarely "unglued' with other people it is me that I get unglued with. Sure I do take things out on Brent and even Lucas sometimes but other than that I just wasn't being me. I was so hurt and so lost and so sick of living inside of myself my actions were reflecting how I feel. I don't want that, that isn't me.
I have rekindled a friendship that I thought was lost and that means the wold to me. I hope I can be a light for Him and I just want to help others who are lost or are going through a hard time.

So that's about it. Life is full and good and hard yet so hopeful. I say it all the time but I am so blessed.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap! {via Instagram}

I tried to keep our weekend busy and fun so we wouldn't miss Brent as much but it was still hard without him here. I am very blessed with family and friends that live so close and always include me.

Friday I came home to these beauties :)
I had ordered them awhile back but got my usual size (even though the reviews said order down) and they were way to big. So I was excited to have them and be able to wear them! They are so very comfortable too! Love em!

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to go with Desiree to Lavaca to see Kelly from Kelly's Korner speak for Mugs and Muffins at the baptist church. It was really neat. She gave her testimony and she did so well. They had yummy food too!

Love this outfit that I wore!

After that Lucas, mom and I went to eat at the pizza place (Luke's pick) in town. We had planned on getting out and going somewhere fun but it was so rainy and yucky I just wanted to stay in all day.

We came home and I got Luke down for a long nap (never happens) while I watched a teen mom marathon cleaned house and did laundry.

I also spiffied up the kitchen with this little coffee station, I really only drink cider in the mornings but do have a few coffees I keep around too for when things get tough! ha!

Saturday night Luke and I went to Alma with Brent's family. (I hate saying that because they are my family too but it's the best way to separate groups of people) It was Laura's birthday so we went to Kristin's house for a bit then to eat at Merl's steakhouse for dinner and it was so very good! I can't wait to go back and try some other stuff on the menu.
When we got back to Greenwood I let Luke play for a little bit then we headed home.

And after a week like last week and a 45 trip both ways with 3 kids in a Tahoe I needed some wine! ha!

Sunday we slept in, which was so nice! I did some flower bed work while Luke played outside, cleaned some more and did some more laundry. We made it to Happy Hour too!

That afternoon Desiree and Eviee came over for a little while to play then we went to my mom's for dinner. We got to see most of my side of the family there so that was nice.
My Mema C. fell last week and had to get stitches but she looked really good last night, it was good to see her.

That's about it! We have a full week this week with lots of fun stuff :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Life in Numbers

Five- the number of days until Brent gets home.
Two- the number of pets who went to the vet this week.
And Three- the number of medicines I have to administer to said pets for the next few weeks.
Zero- the number of tball games played because of rain.
One- the number of Cokes I've had this week (I'm doing good y'all!)

Two- The number of purchases Luke decided to buy this week on the Kindle without me knowing until my receipt was emailed to me. $30 in Peppa Pig and Max and Ruby. Brent says I can get an iPad! lol Thank you Lucas :)

One- the number of Teen Mom episodes that are left this season! So sad :(
Four- the number of songs I downloaded this week. 1 Justin Timberlake, 1 Red, and 2 Ginny Blackmore.
Three or Four- the number of times we have 'facetimed' with Brent this week. Thank you Lord for iPhones!
Zero- the number of times this week my new bangs haven't been behind a bobby pin.

Many- the number of times Lucas' teacher said how good of a boy he is at school during our parent teacher conference.
Several- the number of times this week I have thanked God for all my blessings!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Weekend!

We had another fun low key family weekend! I am getting so spoiled with not having anywhere much to go on the weekend not sure what I'll do once I do! ha!
Friday I went to Target (my happy place) after work for some weekend essentials. Then Luke and I hung around the shop with Brent for a bit. After that we had a late dinner at Genos.

Saturday I went to my 2nd barre class. I almost did not survive this one, this stuff is hard work but I did my best and can feel things a changin! Half way threw I thought ok this isn't for me I'm not coming next week but by the end I loved the way I felt and  I will be ok! I am defiantly planing on going this week.

After barre I went to Wally World for some spray paint and other odds and ends. and after lunch we got down and dirty doing some house projects. We sprayed the roof (seems we have a mildew problem on our shingles) cleaned up the yards, I spray painted the vent cover that goes in the kitchen, did lots of laundry, cleaned the house, Brent cleaned out the garage, etc....
That night we had some family over for grilled pork chops and lots of other sides and desert :)

After everyone left I was pooped to say the least! Luke and I got in bed and watched Monsters Inc.

Sunday morning we all slept in. I til 8ish the boys til 10. We got up and around and headed to Alma. We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel then went to see my sister in law's new house.
Lucas and Waylon found an empty box and they had the best time. They are so cute playing together, it really doesn't get any better than this!

Little loves, they are precious to me!

After we got home we did a few other things around the house and Luke played outside. We cooked dinner and got ready for bed.
After all was done I was in our room watching TV and eating my hot tamales and I just felt so happy, so full, and so grateful for such great people in my life. I am truly blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

I hope you were blessed this weekend too.

Friday, April 19, 2013

10 things you {may} may not know about me!

Taking this idea from my dear friend Desiree. I don't have anything to blog today so I thought this would work!

  1.  I am neither a night owl or a morning person. If I had my way I would get up at 9 and go to bed at 9. ha!
  2. I do 90% of mine and Luke's clothing shopping online. It can be hard on sizing (for me) but I stick to the stores I know. This saves me so much time and energy. I honestly couldn't tell you last time I went 'shopping' that didn't involve the walmart or target.
  3. I love secular music (as Tonia calls it ;) I have tried very hard these past few years to mix more good with the bad but often my little finger is inching over to turn the dial. I try and keep this dirty little secret to myself most times. I do love air1 and try and listen to that most of the time I certainly don't want Luke hearing anything ummm yucky. I do want him to learn about all types of music but rap is something I wouldn't mind sheltering him from. What a hypocrite I am! Moving on....
  4. At the ripe ol age of 25 I think I have finally found what works for me in the hair department. I need to leave well enough alone. Brown hair works, long hair is easy, and layers give it some sort of style. Short hair is not for me and bangs are still undetermined. ha!
  5. My dream job would be working in a halfway house or rehab with drug and/or alcohol addicts. I hope to get to do this once I am done having kiddos and such. I have a huge heart for these people and I do believe it is what God has called me to do.
  6. I will turn 26 this year and I am sad I haven't accomplished more. I try and remember I am still young and in some ways I have done a lot for myself but it's still weighs on me.
  7. I would rather stay home and do laundry with the windows open watching 48 Hours Mystery on a Saturday than be anywhere else. I am weird.
  8. Brent and I are complete opposites but it works out very well. I also think we are taking on each other's strongest traits. We often joke that in 50 years we will be the same person! haha!
  9. I have a horrible black thumb when it comes to house plants. Flower bed plants I am good with but house plants I cannot keep alive. I do have one that Luke and Brent gave me for mothers day 3 years ago that still looks good but other than that I am bad!
  10. I was raised by my mom and my Mema (mom's mom). Looking back I am so grateful for this. I learned things from my Mema on a daily basis that most girls don't get the chance of learning from their grandmothers. I learned lots about 'keeping house' as she would say. I learned how to be a lady. I learned to always give someone the benefit of the doubt. I learned to work hard. And I learned your babies are your everything. I miss her dearly.

That's it! I hope you will play along and tell me 10 things about yourself :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Lucas had his first tball game on Monday night. He did pretty good. He had fun and didn't cry so that is a win in my book! So far his favorite parts of tball are the snacks and cheering for who ever hits the ball (his team or the other)  hitting off the tee and the playing in the dirt. So I say all in all we are doing pretty good ;)
  • Lucas also had his spring program at school this week. Now this is something he can get into. He loves being on stage and making people laugh and he did not disappoint on Tuesday night. He makes me so proud!
  • I got my hair cut yesterday and finally made the ever so hard decision to get bangs. I am still unsure if that was a smart move but I think it will be a live and learn experience for sure! And as we have learned in bible study if not liking my hair is the worst to happen to me this week then that is good with me!

I like them better pushed over like this.

But mostly I like them like this. lol!
  • Sometimes I forget how good I have it. Sometimes all it takes is a text from a friend or family member to put it all into perspective. My heart hurts for those who don't have a supportive family, loving spouse, or healthy kids. I want to remember to count my blessings every single minute but life so often gets in the way. It is such a hard balance.
  • This week has been a loooooog week. Work has been brutal and we've been so busy in the evenings all week. I am looking forward to the weekend so much!
  • I am also looking forward to barre on Saturday! I've been sore most of the week but that is ok! My legs will look amazing for it ;)
  • I am trying really hard to get healthier, I'm not to concerned with my eating as much but I want to get back exercising, drinking water, and taking my vitamins. Hard stuff y'all!

  • Brent finally found a new (to us) truck! We are so excited it is so nice and being a mega cab it has more room in the backseat than my Tahoe! It will be great for long rides to the track and I kinda can't wait to drive it some too :)

  • I had something kinda fun/funny happen to me yesterday (besides the bangs, I'm not able to laugh at that yet lol!) Luke and I had a playdate fall threw yesterday so we went to the park to play for a bit. Another lady and her 2 girls where there playing. I sit down and am browsing through my phone on FB and see that Laura (the lady that helps take care of Brent's mom) was tagged in post that said something like "waiting on Laura at Bell Park" and I thought hey! I'm at Bell Park! so I look over and I ask if she is waiting on Laura and she was! It was kinda neat. Luke got to play with is best friends Zoe and Tyler and he made a few new ones. I got to chat with Laura and made a new friend too. Love when fun stuff like that happens :)
  • Please keep my sister in law in your prayers, she is having a hard time with her blood pressure and isn't due with baby Emmy til the end of May. We are praying she can make it a few more weeks before they have to take the baby.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Roundup!

We had a whole bunch of fun this weekend we all 3 got to be together all weekend long! That is almost unheard of these days.

Friday night we went to eat Mexican food for dinner and then hit up wally world for some snacks for the racetrack the next day.

Saturday morning I went to my first ever Barre class. O it was so FUN! and painful don't get me wrong but the lady who leads the class is hilarious! We worked our arms, tummy, legs, booty, all of it. There's some ballet moves mixed with aerobics mixed with yoga a dash of dance and some basic exercise. I really loved it. It's low impact too! Can't wait to go again :)

When I got home we headed down to Geno's (our home away from home) to eat lunch before we headed to the track.
We headed towards Centerville around 2:30 and got there a little after 4. It was the first time taking the new trailer and everything went great! We are all loving the extra footage.

Brent did really well. He went into the semi finals and won 4th place! He got some money too! We love when that happens :)

  I stayed in this spot most of the afternoon soaking up some sun, sweet tea, and good words! I have had some stirrings in my heart lately and am trying to figure 'things' out I guess you could say. I started One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I've read it before but it is defiantly worth a second read.

Lucas on Saturday night, tired and but tugging right along. He is always so good at the track even when it's a very late night.

We didn't get home from Centerville til around 2am So Sunday we took it easy, slept in then went to town for lunch and to get some socks for tball.
We came home and the boys were lazy all day and I cleaned house and cooked dinner it was a good Sunday.

I am ready for another fun easy weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • We close on our new home loan on May 6th, I'll be the first to admit that it's not near as exciting as the first time but yay for a lower interest rate!
  • Saturday we will be at the racetrack most of the day. The racetrack isn't really my thing but Brent is my thing and I like to show my support every now and then. I don't say it much but I am grateful Brent has a hobby he is passionate about.  So I'm gonna bring my chair and book and sit in the sun, let Luke play in the dirt and eat cheese burgers from the concession stand :)
  • ALSO on Saturday morning I am going to a barre class. I'm pretty excited but just about as scared. A friend from work has been going for a while now and they just opened a Saturday class (which is the only one I can make) hopefully I'll be able to make it though it without dying! ha!
  • Bible study was so good this week. The ladies and the book are just so good for my soul right now. I am learning so much. I am feeling so blessed by it all. Chapter 9 really hit home for me, so so good. God is so good!
  • We have tball practice tonight and Luke's first game is Monday. We'll miss Tuesday's tball game for his spring program at school. Busy season!
  • Since it is now April (crazy) I can't help but think about July coming just around the corner and what that means or may not mean for my family. I'm not sure what the 'approprite' amount of info is to share on this subject so forgive me if it's too much, but we have planned for a while that July would be the month we start trying for another baby.That will have given my body 9 months 'off' which I still think is/was the best thing we could/can do. I am getting less scared and more excited as each day passes. I want to hope for the best but plan for the worst. I am praying all goes well but it's hard to trust my body so what I need to work on is trusting God. He knows what we need and He has our plan already laid out. This could be my biggest challenge yet. I could go on and on about this but I won't.
  • On a lighter note or shall I say darker, I colored my hair last night! Kinda on a whim but not really. I've had the box of brown bought for over a month but just never found the time or was scared to take the plunge but last night I did it! I am loving it! A fun little change and the best part hardly anyone has noticed that means it must look pretty natural :) I still need to go in for a cut too I'm sure missing my hair girl.
  • I guess that's it. Life is so good, we are truly blessed!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!

I caught this bit of sweetness the other day. Lately Luke has been so interested in babies and taking care of them. He has this baby doll (that was Brent's) and then he has a few stuffed animals. This doll (Mikey) and a little bat (yes a bat) have been his babies for the past week. Mikey and his baby sister Hershey the bat. SO sweet!

He even went to the cabinet and got this little bowl and spoon himself. Gah!

 Sometimes he wants me to be the mom but other times he wants be to be the baby care-er meaning daycare worker I suppose. haha.

Such a sweet boy. I hope he always loves babies this way :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Stuff!

We had a very busy weekend. I honestly feel like I didn't really get one at all but we got to do lots of fun things and see lots of people and that is the best!

Friday night we stayed in. Well Brent worked on the racecar/trailer til 8ish but Luke and I stayed in and made dinner and he played outside. We tried to watch Lincoln but Luke fell asleep on the couch and I followed shortly.

Saturday we got up bright and early and went to town to take a rug back that did not work (poo!) and run some other errands before we had to be at a family reunion in Charleston for Brent's dad's side of the fam.
The reunion was a lot of fun! We stayed longer than we planned and missed tball practice but Luke was having a blast. And one of Brent's cousins is a great photographer she always takes the best pictures which I am so grateful for. I am loving these pictures she took of us while we were there.

We need to go to Little Rock soon and have her take some family pictures!

Saturday after the reunion Brent and Luke went to the shop and I headed to Wally World.
After that I went and got Luke we came home and did some things around the house and then after dark we went for a Sonic run for ice cream (for him sweet tea for momma :). Luke had such a busy day and fell asleep in the chair.  Brent came home a bit later.
That night I spent making these cupcake toppers for my new niece Emmy's shower the next day. I watched 2 old episodes of 16 and Pregnant on the Kindle while I worked. So fun why have I not been doing this sooner!?

I also put together this diaper stack for Emmy. Loads of diapers and wipes!

We watched Red Dawn and it was ok I didn't fall asleep so that was good.

Sunday we were up again bright and early. I cleaned house then around 10 we went up to Brent's dads and I cleaned out the old trailer so we can hopefully sell it soon. Brent buffed the new trailer. We (Luke and I) left there around noon to head home and get ready for the baby shower, it was at 2.

After the shower we headed home to get things going for our cookout later. We had Easter with my family a week late this year. It was a great night for it and we ate lots of yummy stuff and got to catch up.

I went to bed exhausted last night that's for sure!
Here's to a busy week and hopefully a slower weekend......

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • It has certainly been a roller coaster of a week for me! Lots of fun times, some sad moments, trying days, to much rain, and much gratitude. Something I took away from bible study last week that really stuck with me is "We must exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world".
    So before I get to work, before I get on my phone, and even before I wake Luke up I have been reading a few verses that have been highlighted in the study it has made a big difference.
  • Brent gets home today! (hopefully) We are very excited!
  • My busy week that I thought I was going to have turned into a slow one, thank goodness. No Tball tonight because of all the rain I'm kinda sad about that.
  • Luke had his first big boy trip to the dentist yesterday! He did really good until the polishing part he really didn't like that but he got a good report with no cavities!

    • First tball practice was so fun! Luke did really good I was so proud and took way to many pictures. I need to get them off the camera and put them here. Games start a week from Monday!!  

    • I am SO loving my new floors. Wow what a huge difference. Also love the trim work Brent did. I feel so spoiled!

    • We went to a birthday party on Saturday and some horse friends showed up. Luke loved them and wanted his picture taken. He wasn't scared of them at all and petted (is that right?) them forever. So sweet.

    • Bath time! Love taking bathtub pictures every now and then :)

    • The other night after Luke went to bed I got to catch up on my teen moms and eat hot tamales 2 of my guiltiest pleasures right now.

    • So ready for a nice rain free weekend! Hoping to get a few more things done at the house and we have an Easter cookout to host Sunday!