Friday, April 26, 2013

Life in Numbers

Five- the number of days until Brent gets home.
Two- the number of pets who went to the vet this week.
And Three- the number of medicines I have to administer to said pets for the next few weeks.
Zero- the number of tball games played because of rain.
One- the number of Cokes I've had this week (I'm doing good y'all!)

Two- The number of purchases Luke decided to buy this week on the Kindle without me knowing until my receipt was emailed to me. $30 in Peppa Pig and Max and Ruby. Brent says I can get an iPad! lol Thank you Lucas :)

One- the number of Teen Mom episodes that are left this season! So sad :(
Four- the number of songs I downloaded this week. 1 Justin Timberlake, 1 Red, and 2 Ginny Blackmore.
Three or Four- the number of times we have 'facetimed' with Brent this week. Thank you Lord for iPhones!
Zero- the number of times this week my new bangs haven't been behind a bobby pin.

Many- the number of times Lucas' teacher said how good of a boy he is at school during our parent teacher conference.
Several- the number of times this week I have thanked God for all my blessings!

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