Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Roundup!

We had a whole bunch of fun this weekend we all 3 got to be together all weekend long! That is almost unheard of these days.

Friday night we went to eat Mexican food for dinner and then hit up wally world for some snacks for the racetrack the next day.

Saturday morning I went to my first ever Barre class. O it was so FUN! and painful don't get me wrong but the lady who leads the class is hilarious! We worked our arms, tummy, legs, booty, all of it. There's some ballet moves mixed with aerobics mixed with yoga a dash of dance and some basic exercise. I really loved it. It's low impact too! Can't wait to go again :)

When I got home we headed down to Geno's (our home away from home) to eat lunch before we headed to the track.
We headed towards Centerville around 2:30 and got there a little after 4. It was the first time taking the new trailer and everything went great! We are all loving the extra footage.

Brent did really well. He went into the semi finals and won 4th place! He got some money too! We love when that happens :)

  I stayed in this spot most of the afternoon soaking up some sun, sweet tea, and good words! I have had some stirrings in my heart lately and am trying to figure 'things' out I guess you could say. I started One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I've read it before but it is defiantly worth a second read.

Lucas on Saturday night, tired and but tugging right along. He is always so good at the track even when it's a very late night.

We didn't get home from Centerville til around 2am So Sunday we took it easy, slept in then went to town for lunch and to get some socks for tball.
We came home and the boys were lazy all day and I cleaned house and cooked dinner it was a good Sunday.

I am ready for another fun easy weekend!

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