Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!

I caught this bit of sweetness the other day. Lately Luke has been so interested in babies and taking care of them. He has this baby doll (that was Brent's) and then he has a few stuffed animals. This doll (Mikey) and a little bat (yes a bat) have been his babies for the past week. Mikey and his baby sister Hershey the bat. SO sweet!

He even went to the cabinet and got this little bowl and spoon himself. Gah!

 Sometimes he wants me to be the mom but other times he wants be to be the baby care-er meaning daycare worker I suppose. haha.

Such a sweet boy. I hope he always loves babies this way :)


Brittney said...

So sweet! It is great that you let him show that nurturing side. So many people shut boys down from dolls and caregiving...but it is so important for them! How great!

Katie said...

Thank you Brittney, just trying to prepare him for his future wife the right way ha!