Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Stuff!

We had a very busy weekend. I honestly feel like I didn't really get one at all but we got to do lots of fun things and see lots of people and that is the best!

Friday night we stayed in. Well Brent worked on the racecar/trailer til 8ish but Luke and I stayed in and made dinner and he played outside. We tried to watch Lincoln but Luke fell asleep on the couch and I followed shortly.

Saturday we got up bright and early and went to town to take a rug back that did not work (poo!) and run some other errands before we had to be at a family reunion in Charleston for Brent's dad's side of the fam.
The reunion was a lot of fun! We stayed longer than we planned and missed tball practice but Luke was having a blast. And one of Brent's cousins is a great photographer she always takes the best pictures which I am so grateful for. I am loving these pictures she took of us while we were there.

We need to go to Little Rock soon and have her take some family pictures!

Saturday after the reunion Brent and Luke went to the shop and I headed to Wally World.
After that I went and got Luke we came home and did some things around the house and then after dark we went for a Sonic run for ice cream (for him sweet tea for momma :). Luke had such a busy day and fell asleep in the chair.  Brent came home a bit later.
That night I spent making these cupcake toppers for my new niece Emmy's shower the next day. I watched 2 old episodes of 16 and Pregnant on the Kindle while I worked. So fun why have I not been doing this sooner!?

I also put together this diaper stack for Emmy. Loads of diapers and wipes!

We watched Red Dawn and it was ok I didn't fall asleep so that was good.

Sunday we were up again bright and early. I cleaned house then around 10 we went up to Brent's dads and I cleaned out the old trailer so we can hopefully sell it soon. Brent buffed the new trailer. We (Luke and I) left there around noon to head home and get ready for the baby shower, it was at 2.

After the shower we headed home to get things going for our cookout later. We had Easter with my family a week late this year. It was a great night for it and we ate lots of yummy stuff and got to catch up.

I went to bed exhausted last night that's for sure!
Here's to a busy week and hopefully a slower weekend......


Brittney said...

Those cupcake toppers are too cute! Love it!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Yes cute cake toppers! And your house looks fab!!!!