Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Is it Thursday already!? Good grief this week has escaped me! I didn't even get to do a weekend recap post! ha!
  •  We've had a full week this week, mostly mental things like trying to figure out our Branson trip, sick puppy, and such.
  • Last night we "played" in the backyard all evening! I love the long summer evenings!
Here's my new to us back yard swing! I LOVE it! Just what I needed while I'm out back watchin Luke play! Brent does know me better than I know myself some days :)

The boys did some yard work last night, Luke loves nothing more than helping daddy and this was right up his ally!

All the boys workin, while I'm swingin doesn't get much better than that on a summer night!

  • Hey we got our bed put together this weekend too! Love it! I spent all day Monday IN bed reading, watching tv and surfing the web! I haven't done that in years! It was so nice!

Love a good fresh made bed but it does not compare to

  • Brent broke the news that he wants to start "dieting" again, said he weighs more than he ever has, I told him to join the club and said I wasn't making any major changes til after my birthday next week! ha!
  • Speaking of my birthday I am so excited! Brent and I are going to sneak away to Fayetteville/Rogers for the evening for dinner and some shopping! I so cannot wait!
  • Have a good rest of the week!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Still Learning....

Today I had planned on sharing pictures from our movie adventure but the boys were so excited and could not contain their excitement ie: they would not sit still! ha! Also the few pictures we did get turned out so dark and fuzzy, guess theaters don't have the best photo taking atmosphere!

As I was thinking how bummed I was that I didn't get that cute shot of Luke and his friend seeing their first of many movies together, I remembered what Ashley had said on the way to the theater and thought "I think I should write about that". One simple short quote that we've all heard a thousand times but for some reason it truly hit me this morning.
She said "we have to lead by example" meaning we have to do and be what we want our kids to do and be.
I know it's not rocket science and I've thought about it a few times over the past few years but I guess revisiting it now that Luke is carrying on conversations, making choices in food, and starting to have real relationships outside the home is worth some thinking about. 

There are certain words I don't want him saying so I do not say them, I have encouraged Brent not to say them and now he doesn't either. This one was easy for me, I have a hard time "cussing" anyway. I know Luke will hear those words but I can certainly stop him from hearing them in his own house.

 But food is a whole different story, I love junk food and candy that is no secret. I try and make good choices for dinner and lunch but snacks are probably my downfall. I believe in a treat every now and then but sometimes we've had more "treats" than we need (or deserve ha!). This is something I need to get better at but at the same time I feel as though this is something so minor in the grand scheme of life. Of course if Luke shows any sign of being un-healthy from the way we eat we will change it immediately. 

But the one that concerns me the most is how I treat others and how I speak about others in front of Lucas. I never want him to think it's ok to treat anyone bad and I also don't want him to think it's ok to talk about others when they aren't around. I am guilty of the latter most. I find myself gossiping now more than ever and I need to stop. I want to stop and always feel very bad after I have said some of the things I have. I want Lucas to think and speak of only nice and kind things in regards to others. My mom did a wonderful job on this with my brother and I, we grew up not seeing the bad in others, we never judged people for their clothes,houses, looks, or attitude and I still honestly think they didn't judge me either, we had an easy time in school neither my brother nor I were bullied or made fun of and we sure did not have the best things. 
I carried this "way" with me for a long time but as I met new people and heard different things I feel like I got tainted from the world. I am an adult and I can make my own choices so this is one I need to make for myself and my family.

All of this to say I want to be a better lady for myself, my family, my friends and people I don't even know.

Lucas has such a sweet nature about him, he loves and really cares for everybody. I don't want to do anything to squash that, the world will do a good job of that. But isn't it also true if kids have a good foundation that maybe just maybe they will teach the world a thing or two.....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • I mentioned before that I wanted to read "Fifty Shades of Grey", I've been reading it for a few weeks, I'm half way though it and I like it. It is very interesting to say the least. I can say I don't think its for everyone but I am sure I will read all three of them. It's been very eye opening! ha! And I here rumor they are making a movie!
  • Speaking of movies Luke and I are going to see the Lorax again tonight with Ethan and Ashley! Lucas is so very excited and I'm excited to eat popcorn!
  • It's so warm now, I can't stand to have my sunroof open after work so I've been opening it in the mornings and it's so nice! Some days I wish I lived further from work so I could enjoy the ride more.
  • I am really considering getting a Kindle, I would love to be able to read at night without having a light on and disturbing Brent and surfing the web with it too would be nice. It might be my bday gift for myself!
  • Father's day is coming up soon, I have no idea what to get Brent.......Guess I'll look on Pintrest!
  • I have coupons for Red Lobster and Fridays that I'm dying to use! LOL I never thought I'd be the one using coupons at restaurants, kinda reminds me of my grandma! But this weekend seems like a great opportunity!
  • I guess that's all I got! Not a whole lot going on around here but the usual!
Have a great long weekend!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I haven't done one of these in a while and since my dogs would not sit still to model their recent hair cuts given by yours truly, I could not get a single picture. But let me assure you they look as though the lawn mower got a hold of them! ha!

What I'm loving right now:

  • I'm loving Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches! These are so good and I don't even like breakfast! Also they are only around 200 calories!
  • I'm loving that I see a date to Chills with some special girls in the very near future!
  • I'm loving that it's not even June yet and I have a tan! A farmers tan yes but still some color!!
  • I'm loving that I think I finally figured out how to go to walmart/target once a month and the grocery store a few times in between which saves me time, money and sanity!
  • I'm loving that my hair is growing growing growing, I think I have said it before, I went though a little postpartum depression and chopped all my hair off! Brent and I laugh about it today but he has been told to never let me do that again! ha! I love and need my long hair, it's easier to "fix" as in pony tail or side braid. O life is funny when kids come along......
  • On to something else....I am loving that it is already Wednesday and with a 3 day weekend coming up is making this week extra exciting!
  • I am loving that I have still been going bike riding! I am getting better but yesterday I forgot to put on my tennis shoes and couldn't make it up the hill in flip flops, who would've thought!
  • I'm loving that Friday Luke has "water day" at school! He gets to wear his swimsuit and play with water stuff! He will be so excited! I loved those days!
  • I'm loving that I have given myself the summer off from cooking! We have been eating lots of sandwiches and some soup but when we want a real meal Brent throws something on the grill and I whip up some sides! I want to spend my evenings playing outside so I'm not going to worry about it in the least!
  • I'm loving that as of today the weekend looks free and clear! No where to be so that means I will be home for the most part and probably lots of out to eats, outside time, and putting our new bed together! I can't wait!
I guess I'll stop there! Hope you're having a good one!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Weekend!

After a whirl-wind of a week and an extremely busy weekend, it's Monday already! Whew, I am so ready for the 3 day weekend coming up and I really hope to spend most of it relaxing, ha!

Here are some pictures of our weekend!

My sweet puppy is getting so big, he hurt his paw on something so I've been doctoring him for the past few days. Just praying it gets better soon!

Friday night we took Luke to see his first movie in the theater! We saw the Lorax and had so much fun!! Lucas was very good, he watched to whole thing but had to get up and dance with the songs. Very cute movie I can't wait for it to come out on dvd.

Saturday evening we went to Aunt Genia's for dinner and I had to take a picture of her hydrangeas! Ahhh love em!

Sunday we spent the day at the racetrack, we had a good time, I really loved it! I got to relax in a lawn chair with my book, Luke got to play in the dirt, watch race cars and help daddy, and Brent got to race. We ate lots of junk food and I got a good tan!
Lucas and I spent some time jammin to some songs from the Lorax movie in the truck, he sings along and dances. SO funny!

We got home around 4 and Lucas slept the night away so Brent and I caught up on the last 2 episodes of this seson's Grey's Anatomy, O my word that show!! Can't wait for next season, which I kinda think will be it's last :(

Thats about it! Hope you had a good one too!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Song for Saturday

"He Weeps"
Where is God when the rain falls

And takes the car off the road

Is He standing in the storm

Where is God when the child cries

And no one bends to pick her up

Could someone tell me what He does

He weeps, He weeps with you

He weeps with me

When I'm on my knees

And I taste defeat

He weeps, He weeps

Where is God when she won't eat

When her bones start to show

Is He there when she's lost control

Where is God when a father

Turns his back on his son

Can someone tell me what He does

He weeps, He weeps with you

He weeps with me

When I'm on my knees

And I taste defeat

He weeps, He weeps

If today's your darkest day

And you can't escape the pain

Don't be afraid

He will never walk away

He weeps, He weeps with you

He weeps with me

When you're on your knees

And you taste defeat

He weeps, He weeps

He weeps with you

He weeps with me

When you're on your knees

And you taste defeat

He weeps, He weeps

Friday, May 18, 2012


Love this picture of my little boy, he won't stop growing!! He says new words everyday and came home the other day spelling his name! He is so smart and we are so blessed to have him.

It's Friday!! And as much as that would usually make me thrilled to say I am really disappointed today, no Rogers trip to go shopping like I had planned instead I am at work trying to put on my happy face.
And so far so good! I am strong, I can do this! 

Have a good weekend everyone! Mine will get better.....

*edit: then I read this 10 minuites after I post and I am almost sobbing for being so selfish. O Jesus you never cease to amaze me.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • My Mema C gave me these blue jars, I love them so much and am so glad to have them!
  • Friday Desiree and I are headed out of town to do a little birthday shopping for ourselves! We both turn 25 this year and it only seemed right. I am so ready to hit up some stores and eat a yummy lunch.
  • Saturday we are checking back into reality and having a yard sale! Are we crazy?? Ha!
  • My mom's Birthday was last Wednesday so I got some flowers and arranged them for her! Love all the pinks and how the card matches.

  •  This picture is from a few weeks ago but was going though my phone and found it, Ethan and Luke at Sams! They are so funny!

  • Lucas has started stuttering out of no where, Brent and I were kind of worried about it and wondered if we need to go see someone about it. With a little research I found out that it is very normal so we are going to leave it alone for a while. One thing I learned was to not finish his sentences for him and never draw attention to it.
  • We finally got our bed!!!! After 3 months and having to buy it else where! I am thrilled, I got to see it all set up in the store we bought it from and it is beautiful! Looks just like something right out of a Pottery Barn magazine and you all know all love that :) I can't wait to get it all set up in our room, pictures to come!
  • We had an impromptu dinner at Chilli's last night which included a free molten! If you love Chilli's (like me) you have to sign up with their email, they give out free stuff all the time!
  • We have successfully gone bike riding 3 nights this week! I am very proud! Ha! I even made it up the hill the last time we went!
  • Guess that's all I have! We have full weekend with racing, yard work,a yard sale, a movie, and hopefully putting our new bed together!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waiting on number 2!

*I am going to try and be as honest and open as I can in this one :)

Many folks have asked me the question "when are you going to have another one?" I've had this question asked so many times lately, friends, co-workers, family, strangers (when I tell them I have a 3year old). The question doesn't bother me but it always makes me wonder if I/we are doing the right thing by waiting.
I have dreamed since I was little of having a big family, as a kid I would tell you I wanted 5 kiddos with a set of twins in there but as I became a young adult I quickly realized how much kids cost and that the chances of me "getting" twins was slim to none so I thought ok I'll settle for 4 but no less! I craved a house with lots of people, noise and excitement! I wanted my kids to always have a playmate in the home.

But then Luke was born via c-section and my number changed again. I think we will most likely stop at 3. I always say that with a smile because I would love nothing more than a 4th surprise :)

But enough of that, I am very ready and very excited to be pregnant again! I know how I want the future nursery, I know what double stroller I will buy, I know what names will be in the running but we are still going to wait awhile.
We will wait because we want time with Lucas, I want him to remember being our everything, and I still want to grow as a person and mom, I want time with my husband and time to do fun things that we couldn't do as easily with two. 
Since we had Luke so young (well I was young) we always said we were going to wait until he is around 5 to bring another baby on board. But with him getting so big and independent it can be hard at times to not have a "baby" anymore. And I crave to have a baby with me again, it's the weirdest feeling. I can't wait to do everything all over again.

Another thing we have had to think about is finances, naturally. I had a hard time with Luke going to daycare when he was a newborn. And I told myself never again. So in order to be in a spot where I can stay home for a bit with new baby/babies we have to get Luke out of preschool. It is a very expensive school and while I don't regret for a second having him there it definitely is a factor.

All of that to say,
This past year Brent and I have been very wishy washy on when to "try" for babe #2, after his accident we were really in a place where we saw life as not guaranteed and we thought maybe we were supposed to go ahead and have our kids closer together. We went 4 months thinking that way and I didn't get pregnant.
We did have a scare (if you can call it that) this past February and quickly realized this was not our time and to continue to wait.
We have made our timeline and will start really thinking about going for baby #2 this time next year. Which doesn't seem very far aways and really it isn't. So while I wait I will be soaking up every second of Lucas I can get, trying new things as a family and maybe get one more vacation away with Brent.

It's hard, this planning a family thing. I often wonder if we will regret waiting so long to give Luke a sibling, he asks for a baby sister all. the. time. But I know in my heart it's what is right for us and if God has other plans that's ok too :)

*all images from pintrest*

Monday, May 14, 2012

{Happy Mudder's Day}

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! My boys are so good to me!
Friday at school was "muffins with moms" all the mom's could come in and eat a muffin (or scone) with the kids and they gave us the sweetest gift! I love it so much, I brought it to work and it keeps me very happy :)

Brent had been out of town for the last half of the week so Friday evening Luke and I picked up dinner and went home and watched movies! Tiny tip: Redbox has codes for free movies out all. the. time so I didn't have to pay for any of the movies we got! Yay!
Saturday after the rain we got out and went to Old Timers Day with Desiree and Eviee, we had fun and Luke got himself a sword out of the deal!
Brent was due home Saturday evening while we waited on him Luke went to Pawpa's for a bit and I went to eat with Desiree and Ashley at Chillies, we went to Miranda's for a bit after too! Loved seeing those girls!
Brent got home around 9ish, we were so happy to see him! I hate when he leaves but I sure do love the day he comes back! Makes my heart swell to see him after he's been away for a few days.
Sunday I woke up and did my usual stuff but was to thankful to be a mommy, and have a day to reflect. I was in the shower and I could hear Luke singing in the other room and thought that is such a gift!

This little face has my whole heart and I can't even imagine how my life would be today without him. He has blessed be in more ways then I would have ever known.
He told me twice "Happy Mudder's Day Mamma"

We didn't do anything extravagant for Mother's day we went to eat with family for lunch and came home and Brent and Luke put his new trailer together and we went on our first "real" bike ride! I call it real because I could feel the burn and I am sure I almost died! ha! We found an awesome place right in our neighborhood to ride which includes a hill! I didn't make it up the hill either time we went BUT one day I will, for the records Brent DID make up the hill pulling the trailer! He definitely keeps me on my toes when it comes to "exercising"

I felt truly AMAZING after our bike ride, I sweat like I haven't since being labor probably, I am not kidding! And bike riding is really fun for me! I thought I really liked jogging but it does not compare with this! I love that this has turned into a family sport and can see us doing this for a long time!

Last night we stayed close to home and my mom and dad came down for mothers day dinner at the pizza place, classy I know but mom and I agreed that it was great because neither of us has to cook! We all came back to the house and Lucas got to show Mema how he can ride his trike.

I ended my day with a little Sister Wives and some reading :)

Hope you got to celebrate all the Mama's in your life this weekend!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Perfect Weekend!

We had such a good weekend a little busy, a little lazy but the perfect mix of both!

Friday evening we had some friends over for a cookout. It was pretty fun and the kids had a blast! This was Luke's first time to get some passengers in the "Gator" and they were all loving it!

We lit a fire and made Somore's and chatted for a bit.
It was so fun having all of us in the same place, I really hope to make this a regular, at least monthly thing (what do you girls think?) 
It's good for the kiddos but even better for our mommy souls.  

Saturday was our busy day we got up and around and went to the tire shop to get the race car fixed up. Luke and I stayed in the truck and waited for daddy.

Lucas loves taking pictures and I love those pudgy toes.
After the tire shop we went to eat and play at Chick fil a then we headed to Ethan's party!
It was so nice outside and the kids had so much fun! Amanda took these pictures, she did so good!

After the party we had a family cook out at Uncle Randy's house, it was so nice to see everyone, most of who we hadn't seen since Christmas! We stayed pretty late and the boys slept in on Sunday, I did a lot of chores around the house cooked dinner and baked cookies and ended up staying up to late reading and watching a movie!

Such fun times with family and friends, it really doesn't get any better!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday

(forgot to post this yesterday, whoops!)
  • I don't have any pictures this week, what a shame :(
  • It's May! And I have a lot of exciting things coming my way this month! Tomorrow night is our weenie roast! Saturday we have Ethan's big birthday bash, next Saturday I have girl party at Miranda's, and then the next Friday Desiree and I are going shopping in Rogers for the day, then Saturday we are having a yard sale! Lots of stuff but all so fun!
  • I know I posted a long while back that we ordered a bed! We STILL have not got it in! The place we ordered from is having problems getting it but hopefully we will get it sometime soon before I want something different! ha!
  • I have been counting my calorie intake for the past few days, I was doing it to see how much I really take in. They say 1500 is about average but myfitness pal has me at 1200 and I have been going 500 to 1000 calories over that! Good Grief! It's the pop, I love it. I love it full calorie too. How am I going to stop?? I am still drinking a ton of water but I still feel like I need a coke at least  once a day.
  • Mema got Luke the cutest little picnic table complete with it's own little umbrella, it is adorable! I can't wait to see all the kiddo's eating at it on Friday.
  • For the upcoming yard sale I mentioned I have been going through the house, I am getting rid of a lot of stuff and some being my craft supplies. I have mixed feelings about it but I have not "crafted" in a year or more and have no desire to anytime soon so I think it's best. Just hope I don't regret it.....
  • Today (Friday) is what is referred to as "Mexico Day" Jessica and I go eat Mexican for lunch every.single.Friday. We have for as long as she started working here (2years ago?!) and it is one of my favorite things in the world! I prayed for a good friend here at work for a long time and she is simply amazing! Always challenging me to be more like Jesus without even knowing it. I love her dearly and hope she knows how much she means to me :)
  • That's it folks! We don't have any major plans for the weekend but we always find something, I am just thrilled to spend time with my boys for a few days!
Have a Great weekend!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


For the first time in a long time I got up early and went jogging before work! I am so proud of myself! I feel awesome!
For the past month I have really been trying to implement exercise into my life some days are harder than others. Some days go by and I don't do anything at all.
But today I did and I am so happy!!

This is the 2nd time I have done the "Couch to 5K" the real way, I guess. I do it a lot in my bedroom running in place but I don't seem to tire out anywhere near as much as when I do it out side and really can "jog"

And jogging is hard! Some points impossible and I can't even finish out the minute and I think wow that is really sad and scary that I can't jog for even a minute!
I have realized I am so out of shape and I really want to change that.

I have also realized how much I love jogging even if it's hard. I love being outside, listening to praise music, asking God for help, and making it through it!
I may have found a way for myself to get closer to God, that is something!

I love getting to see this clearing that is just a few blocks from my house, I love this place and if I were still a kid I would be all over it, it's so magical.
And today out in the clearing were two little bunnies, I believe someone put them there for me to see as gift for my hard work :)