Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • My Mema C gave me these blue jars, I love them so much and am so glad to have them!
  • Friday Desiree and I are headed out of town to do a little birthday shopping for ourselves! We both turn 25 this year and it only seemed right. I am so ready to hit up some stores and eat a yummy lunch.
  • Saturday we are checking back into reality and having a yard sale! Are we crazy?? Ha!
  • My mom's Birthday was last Wednesday so I got some flowers and arranged them for her! Love all the pinks and how the card matches.

  •  This picture is from a few weeks ago but was going though my phone and found it, Ethan and Luke at Sams! They are so funny!

  • Lucas has started stuttering out of no where, Brent and I were kind of worried about it and wondered if we need to go see someone about it. With a little research I found out that it is very normal so we are going to leave it alone for a while. One thing I learned was to not finish his sentences for him and never draw attention to it.
  • We finally got our bed!!!! After 3 months and having to buy it else where! I am thrilled, I got to see it all set up in the store we bought it from and it is beautiful! Looks just like something right out of a Pottery Barn magazine and you all know all love that :) I can't wait to get it all set up in our room, pictures to come!
  • We had an impromptu dinner at Chilli's last night which included a free molten! If you love Chilli's (like me) you have to sign up with their email, they give out free stuff all the time!
  • We have successfully gone bike riding 3 nights this week! I am very proud! Ha! I even made it up the hill the last time we went!
  • Guess that's all I have! We have full weekend with racing, yard work,a yard sale, a movie, and hopefully putting our new bed together!

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Miss you too!! You will have to stop in and see us!! YOU MUST!!