Friday, May 4, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday

(forgot to post this yesterday, whoops!)
  • I don't have any pictures this week, what a shame :(
  • It's May! And I have a lot of exciting things coming my way this month! Tomorrow night is our weenie roast! Saturday we have Ethan's big birthday bash, next Saturday I have girl party at Miranda's, and then the next Friday Desiree and I are going shopping in Rogers for the day, then Saturday we are having a yard sale! Lots of stuff but all so fun!
  • I know I posted a long while back that we ordered a bed! We STILL have not got it in! The place we ordered from is having problems getting it but hopefully we will get it sometime soon before I want something different! ha!
  • I have been counting my calorie intake for the past few days, I was doing it to see how much I really take in. They say 1500 is about average but myfitness pal has me at 1200 and I have been going 500 to 1000 calories over that! Good Grief! It's the pop, I love it. I love it full calorie too. How am I going to stop?? I am still drinking a ton of water but I still feel like I need a coke at least  once a day.
  • Mema got Luke the cutest little picnic table complete with it's own little umbrella, it is adorable! I can't wait to see all the kiddo's eating at it on Friday.
  • For the upcoming yard sale I mentioned I have been going through the house, I am getting rid of a lot of stuff and some being my craft supplies. I have mixed feelings about it but I have not "crafted" in a year or more and have no desire to anytime soon so I think it's best. Just hope I don't regret it.....
  • Today (Friday) is what is referred to as "Mexico Day" Jessica and I go eat Mexican for lunch every.single.Friday. We have for as long as she started working here (2years ago?!) and it is one of my favorite things in the world! I prayed for a good friend here at work for a long time and she is simply amazing! Always challenging me to be more like Jesus without even knowing it. I love her dearly and hope she knows how much she means to me :)
  • That's it folks! We don't have any major plans for the weekend but we always find something, I am just thrilled to spend time with my boys for a few days!
Have a Great weekend!!


Jessica S. said...

Girl, don't make me cry!! You're killin me! =,) I treasure your friendship and every single Mexico Friday we have!! Love you!!

Sara said...

Visiting you from Kelly's Korner. I'm from WV but my husband was born and raised in Fort Smith and we get down there a few times a year :)

Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet new friends in the blog-sphere!