Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I haven't done one of these in a while and since my dogs would not sit still to model their recent hair cuts given by yours truly, I could not get a single picture. But let me assure you they look as though the lawn mower got a hold of them! ha!

What I'm loving right now:

  • I'm loving Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches! These are so good and I don't even like breakfast! Also they are only around 200 calories!
  • I'm loving that I see a date to Chills with some special girls in the very near future!
  • I'm loving that it's not even June yet and I have a tan! A farmers tan yes but still some color!!
  • I'm loving that I think I finally figured out how to go to walmart/target once a month and the grocery store a few times in between which saves me time, money and sanity!
  • I'm loving that my hair is growing growing growing, I think I have said it before, I went though a little postpartum depression and chopped all my hair off! Brent and I laugh about it today but he has been told to never let me do that again! ha! I love and need my long hair, it's easier to "fix" as in pony tail or side braid. O life is funny when kids come along......
  • On to something else....I am loving that it is already Wednesday and with a 3 day weekend coming up is making this week extra exciting!
  • I am loving that I have still been going bike riding! I am getting better but yesterday I forgot to put on my tennis shoes and couldn't make it up the hill in flip flops, who would've thought!
  • I'm loving that Friday Luke has "water day" at school! He gets to wear his swimsuit and play with water stuff! He will be so excited! I loved those days!
  • I'm loving that I have given myself the summer off from cooking! We have been eating lots of sandwiches and some soup but when we want a real meal Brent throws something on the grill and I whip up some sides! I want to spend my evenings playing outside so I'm not going to worry about it in the least!
  • I'm loving that as of today the weekend looks free and clear! No where to be so that means I will be home for the most part and probably lots of out to eats, outside time, and putting our new bed together! I can't wait!
I guess I'll stop there! Hope you're having a good one!

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agalandherdog said...

I'm so excited for a 3-day weekend!