Monday, May 14, 2012

{Happy Mudder's Day}

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! My boys are so good to me!
Friday at school was "muffins with moms" all the mom's could come in and eat a muffin (or scone) with the kids and they gave us the sweetest gift! I love it so much, I brought it to work and it keeps me very happy :)

Brent had been out of town for the last half of the week so Friday evening Luke and I picked up dinner and went home and watched movies! Tiny tip: Redbox has codes for free movies out all. the. time so I didn't have to pay for any of the movies we got! Yay!
Saturday after the rain we got out and went to Old Timers Day with Desiree and Eviee, we had fun and Luke got himself a sword out of the deal!
Brent was due home Saturday evening while we waited on him Luke went to Pawpa's for a bit and I went to eat with Desiree and Ashley at Chillies, we went to Miranda's for a bit after too! Loved seeing those girls!
Brent got home around 9ish, we were so happy to see him! I hate when he leaves but I sure do love the day he comes back! Makes my heart swell to see him after he's been away for a few days.
Sunday I woke up and did my usual stuff but was to thankful to be a mommy, and have a day to reflect. I was in the shower and I could hear Luke singing in the other room and thought that is such a gift!

This little face has my whole heart and I can't even imagine how my life would be today without him. He has blessed be in more ways then I would have ever known.
He told me twice "Happy Mudder's Day Mamma"

We didn't do anything extravagant for Mother's day we went to eat with family for lunch and came home and Brent and Luke put his new trailer together and we went on our first "real" bike ride! I call it real because I could feel the burn and I am sure I almost died! ha! We found an awesome place right in our neighborhood to ride which includes a hill! I didn't make it up the hill either time we went BUT one day I will, for the records Brent DID make up the hill pulling the trailer! He definitely keeps me on my toes when it comes to "exercising"

I felt truly AMAZING after our bike ride, I sweat like I haven't since being labor probably, I am not kidding! And bike riding is really fun for me! I thought I really liked jogging but it does not compare with this! I love that this has turned into a family sport and can see us doing this for a long time!

Last night we stayed close to home and my mom and dad came down for mothers day dinner at the pizza place, classy I know but mom and I agreed that it was great because neither of us has to cook! We all came back to the house and Lucas got to show Mema how he can ride his trike.

I ended my day with a little Sister Wives and some reading :)

Hope you got to celebrate all the Mama's in your life this weekend!

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