Friday, May 25, 2012

Still Learning....

Today I had planned on sharing pictures from our movie adventure but the boys were so excited and could not contain their excitement ie: they would not sit still! ha! Also the few pictures we did get turned out so dark and fuzzy, guess theaters don't have the best photo taking atmosphere!

As I was thinking how bummed I was that I didn't get that cute shot of Luke and his friend seeing their first of many movies together, I remembered what Ashley had said on the way to the theater and thought "I think I should write about that". One simple short quote that we've all heard a thousand times but for some reason it truly hit me this morning.
She said "we have to lead by example" meaning we have to do and be what we want our kids to do and be.
I know it's not rocket science and I've thought about it a few times over the past few years but I guess revisiting it now that Luke is carrying on conversations, making choices in food, and starting to have real relationships outside the home is worth some thinking about. 

There are certain words I don't want him saying so I do not say them, I have encouraged Brent not to say them and now he doesn't either. This one was easy for me, I have a hard time "cussing" anyway. I know Luke will hear those words but I can certainly stop him from hearing them in his own house.

 But food is a whole different story, I love junk food and candy that is no secret. I try and make good choices for dinner and lunch but snacks are probably my downfall. I believe in a treat every now and then but sometimes we've had more "treats" than we need (or deserve ha!). This is something I need to get better at but at the same time I feel as though this is something so minor in the grand scheme of life. Of course if Luke shows any sign of being un-healthy from the way we eat we will change it immediately. 

But the one that concerns me the most is how I treat others and how I speak about others in front of Lucas. I never want him to think it's ok to treat anyone bad and I also don't want him to think it's ok to talk about others when they aren't around. I am guilty of the latter most. I find myself gossiping now more than ever and I need to stop. I want to stop and always feel very bad after I have said some of the things I have. I want Lucas to think and speak of only nice and kind things in regards to others. My mom did a wonderful job on this with my brother and I, we grew up not seeing the bad in others, we never judged people for their clothes,houses, looks, or attitude and I still honestly think they didn't judge me either, we had an easy time in school neither my brother nor I were bullied or made fun of and we sure did not have the best things. 
I carried this "way" with me for a long time but as I met new people and heard different things I feel like I got tainted from the world. I am an adult and I can make my own choices so this is one I need to make for myself and my family.

All of this to say I want to be a better lady for myself, my family, my friends and people I don't even know.

Lucas has such a sweet nature about him, he loves and really cares for everybody. I don't want to do anything to squash that, the world will do a good job of that. But isn't it also true if kids have a good foundation that maybe just maybe they will teach the world a thing or two.....

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