Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • We are 6 days away from Christmas!!! Ahhh freak out a little! ha! I am for the most part ready, but I  cannot believe its here and this year is gone! I just now got my Christmas cards addressed and sent out this morning so they may be more like New Years cards for some. haha!
  • Lucas got a haircut Tuesday and of course it looks kinda funny. I don't what it is but he cannot get a good haircut to save his life. We have tried everywhere and it just isn't working. Maybe I am to picky about his hair or maybe since his hair isn't cut in the 'average' boy cut it throws them off, either way I am about to take matters into my own hands, literally. haha!
  • Lane is moving, moving, moving! I LOVE being able to feel him. He moves the most when I drink sweet tea! I knew he couldn't escape that, he comes from a sweet tea lovin family :)
  • I had a doctors appointment this morning to check up on him and he sounded great! I also got my next ultrasound scheduled for next month! Can't wait to see him again! 
  • It's supposed to rain all weekend long. And it's not even going to be a cold rain, just yucky ol rain. I prefer snow this close to Christmas. 
  • Yesterday Luke and I went to Chuck e Cheese to escape the daddy's not home blues. We nearly had the place to ourselves and had a lot of fun! I just love this age!
  • Brent surprised us and came home last night! We are glad he is home!!
  • The other night I looked over at Lucas and he was doing this! I laughed and snapped a picture and sent it to Brent! haha!  
  •   We've had a lot of Christmas parties this week! Tuesday I had mine at work and tomorrow Lucas has his at school! They are doing a 'Polar Express' themed party, wearing jammies and drinking cocoa and for lunch they are making pizza AND Santa will be there, he is very excited about that :)
  • I can't think of much else right now. I am going to spend the weekend inside cleaning house and getting everything ready for next week!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photos Galore!

Lots and Lots of pictures of everyday things that have been going on!

Two weeks ago we got snowed in! I have never been 'snowed in' so I was very excited! We lost power for about a day, less than 24 hours so we had to 'rough it' for a little bit and it was kinda fun.
Lucas and Brent spent some time building a gingerbread house.

We went out exploring for a little bit, well until Lucas' hands froze and he wanted to come back in.

We lost a majority of our big tree in the back yard. I am hoping it doesn't die but we aren't sure. It's the only big tree we have so it will be sad if it doesn't make it.

 Things got a little crazy as the weekend went on! ha! But it was fun to be forced to stay home and be together, that really doesn't happen enough if you ask me. Brent made sure we had back up power for when the electric went out and he did so good to make sure we stayed warm, happy, and fed. I seriously cannot brag on him enough for this. I know not everyone has a husband who knows what to do in situations like this and I love him even more for it!

Last week Lucas had his Christmas program at school! They did so good and looked so cute! I still have to laugh that Luke is the only boy in his class but it doesn't seem to bother him a bit, I am almost sure he hasn't even noticed :)
 Lane and I are growing right along! These were all taken last week so I'm sure I am even bigger now! ha! I looked earlier this week and I am less than 3 weeks away from the 3rd trimester! I about fell out of my chair when I saw that on paper.
I got a cute cute Stitch Fix top last week I absolutely adore it but only got to wear it once until after Lane comes.

Another fun shirt I got last week. My monogram sweat shirt! Love it! I told Brent it will be my weekend uniform until after delivery, I wasn't kidding.  

 Saturday we had a birthday party at Chucky Cheese! It was really fun and I noticed they had a new mouse. I really don't care for the Chucky costume but I think this new version is even worse than the old! Brent disagrees.We are a house divided on important issues. ha! But Lucas loved him so that's all that really matters I guess.
 We bought Lane's dresser last week too! It is just perfect for his nursery that I am envisioning! I can't believe everything is coming together so well, I didn't even have a plan until the day we found out he was a he then it just all came to me. I can't wait until after the holidays to really start painting and putting things up.

His carseat came in too! Lucas was very excited and wanted to see it in action :)

We finally got to see Frozen on Sunday. I was slightly disappointed (gasp!) but I had NO idea it was a princess movie, clearly I should do a little research, but Lucas loved it, go figure! ha!

Lucas' class has a book exchange on Friday. I found this at walmart and thought it was just perfect!

 Love love love my house this time of year. I think my house was built for Christmas time. It's just so cozy and I love my Christmas tree. I kinda wish it was acceptable to leave it up year round. 

 Saturday night we had my work Christmas party it was fun to get dressed up and go eat a yummy dinner. I really really wanted one good picture of Brent and I before we left. I thought Lucas would be a great candidate for the job. ha! He did pretty good but next time I should just set up the tripod. Poor thing.

 But we got some other cute ones :)

That's all the pictures I have!
I LOVE this time of year but this year is just wearing me out!

Monday, December 16, 2013

On my heart....

Life has been so busy this season. I don't love it or dislike it I am just glad to be in it.
I don't even necessarily mean busy like go,go,go just busy thinking and reflecting, living and being thankful for this amazing time.

I don't even know where to begin with everything that has been going on lately. We've been snowed in (without power), Lucas had his Christmas concert, we have all been feeling baby Lane kicking, we have been buying baby stuff to get ready, I have been Christmas shopping like crazy, we've had birthday parties, Christmas parties, movie watching, and lots of things I am forgetting I am sure! I have pictures of it all but I wanted to write about something different today. 

Often things will remind me of how I felt this time last year. I was not so jolly and ready to take on the world. I tried to be happy for Luke's sake. I tried to keep up with the motions for the holiday season when all I really wanted to do was lock myself in my room and sleep the month of December away. I won't forget that feeling. I don't take this time in my life for granted. I am loving being pregnant. I love the aches and pains and the being able to complain about getting fatter, I love having to buy new clothes and I love that I may not be able to get in and out of my new Challenger in a few weeks.

I love to think about what my babies have taught me. Lucas being my first has taught me what it is to be a mom. He has brought more joy into my world than I ever could conceive. I was grateful to have him first he kept me going, he kept me smiling when nothing else could.

And Lane who I haven't even met yet has taught me all about hope. He has already shown me life can and will go on. I already have such a strong bond to him and I can't wait to see him, hold him, and love him to pieces. I will be a different mom to him as a newborn than I was with Lucas. I will cherish the tiny little things and I now know to not let the small stuff get to me, a crying baby does not mean the end of the world.

And then there are my sweet angel babies who I will never meet this side of heaven. Who I will never know if they were boys or girls, who I feel like I let down. I did not do my part. I am worried that knowing what I know now will forever haunt me. They have taught me more about God and Jesus than anyone on this earth. They made me need Him. They made me cry to Him and pray to Him.

Whenever I go to the doctor and I am being seen by someone other than my regular doctor they will ask me what number pregnancy this is. I say four and my heart skips a beat every.time. I don't get sad anymore hearing that question, I am always glad to acknowledge them. They changed my life and for them I am forever grateful.

I know I say the same things a lot about all of this but I don't know how else to get it out. I want to tell the world about my losses and how faithful God is but I don't know how so this is where I will start.  

So under all the fun nursery decor, bump pictures, excited texts and blog posts, and funny pregnancy conundrums this is always there and I am so SO grateful to be on this journey :)


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Tidbits! {lots a pictures}

  • We are in full blown Christmas time at my house! We had good Thanksgiving and I have a ton of pictures of the last few weeks to share :)
  • Having the fire place going is one of my favorite things! All the boys wanted to get their picture taken sitting by the fire, I have no idea why but I'll take it!
  • Chippy came back to see us this week! He even brought Lucas some very special jammies!

  • We celebrated Brent's 34th birthday this weekend! His birthday was Friday!  

  • We got the house and yard ready for Christmas! Lucas picked out this little guy to bring home!

Love seeing Lane's little half stocking up there :)
He will have a real one next year of course!

 This little white tree is one from my grandma's house. She gave it to me this year and I am so happy she did. I just love it and it hold a lot of memories for me :)

  • We had two Thanksgiving dinners, for lunch we went to my sister in law's and then for dinner we hosted for my side. I love love love to host holidays so I had fun!

  • Putting together a little Santa playmobile set before dinner.

  •  My little turkey (or shall I say ham!) on Thanksgiving day!

  • The week of Thanksgiving I was off work so we spent the days playing with friends and doing lots of fun stuff! We went to the mall, to McDonalds, to see a movie,and lots of time spent playing games and play doh at home too!

  •  AND a few weekends ago we finally (after a year) grouted the backsplash in the kitchen!! Now I can officially say my kitchen is DONE!! I love it so much and I am so proud of all the work Brent did!

  • We had Luke's parent teacher conference a few weeks ago and he is doing so good in his class! They are learning word families right now and after the first of the year they will start with READING!! I am so excited for him and could not be more proud :)

  • Wheew that was a big in! Hopefully I won't let some many weeks go before my next post! ha!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BumpDate {weeks 21 -23}

Me and baby #2 are moving right along!
I thought I'd better do an update before the pictures really get out of hand.
He is moving around so much and I just love feeling him in there.
We have decided on a name! Lane Ottis Roper.
Ottis (pronounced with a long O) is Brent's paternal grandfathers name, he passed before I got to meet him but I know he was a special man and I am happy to give my baby his name. Lane, I have had on my baby name list for years and it has just stuck with me. I really really love it and think it's perfect for this little one :)

                                 Here we are at 21 weeks.

On Thanksgiving! 22 weeks. Before I ate to much! ha! And my hair looks to be growing just as much as the rest of me. Weird.

And I have really picked up the pace in the shopping department! He won't need much at all but it's too fun not to buy baby stuff. hehe

 I have also been working on the nursery! I don't have a one word 'theme' really but I put this little collage together to give some idea as to where my head is going with this..... Of course I will post more once I get more of it together.... after Christmas :)

He has his own Scentsy buddy waiting on him. Same puppy as big brothers' :)

 And I could not resist ordering this! They didn't have these when Lucas was a baby and I think they are so funny!

 Also this will be what we put his toys in in his room. It will have an L on it. I think it will be precious!!

 The other day I had the strong urge for an orange! It's funny because I did the same thing with Lucas. I ate some many cuties and oranges my doctor had to tell me to slow down! I wonder if this time will be the same way. ha!

 Another bump picture! I am insane. yes! Almost 23 weeks in this one!

That's about it! I am so ready to meet this little guy! I am trying not to wish this time away and I am enjoying Lucas for sure but we are all so ready for this sweet baby!!
Only 121 days to go!!