Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photos Galore!

Lots and Lots of pictures of everyday things that have been going on!

Two weeks ago we got snowed in! I have never been 'snowed in' so I was very excited! We lost power for about a day, less than 24 hours so we had to 'rough it' for a little bit and it was kinda fun.
Lucas and Brent spent some time building a gingerbread house.

We went out exploring for a little bit, well until Lucas' hands froze and he wanted to come back in.

We lost a majority of our big tree in the back yard. I am hoping it doesn't die but we aren't sure. It's the only big tree we have so it will be sad if it doesn't make it.

 Things got a little crazy as the weekend went on! ha! But it was fun to be forced to stay home and be together, that really doesn't happen enough if you ask me. Brent made sure we had back up power for when the electric went out and he did so good to make sure we stayed warm, happy, and fed. I seriously cannot brag on him enough for this. I know not everyone has a husband who knows what to do in situations like this and I love him even more for it!

Last week Lucas had his Christmas program at school! They did so good and looked so cute! I still have to laugh that Luke is the only boy in his class but it doesn't seem to bother him a bit, I am almost sure he hasn't even noticed :)
 Lane and I are growing right along! These were all taken last week so I'm sure I am even bigger now! ha! I looked earlier this week and I am less than 3 weeks away from the 3rd trimester! I about fell out of my chair when I saw that on paper.
I got a cute cute Stitch Fix top last week I absolutely adore it but only got to wear it once until after Lane comes.

Another fun shirt I got last week. My monogram sweat shirt! Love it! I told Brent it will be my weekend uniform until after delivery, I wasn't kidding.  

 Saturday we had a birthday party at Chucky Cheese! It was really fun and I noticed they had a new mouse. I really don't care for the Chucky costume but I think this new version is even worse than the old! Brent disagrees.We are a house divided on important issues. ha! But Lucas loved him so that's all that really matters I guess.
 We bought Lane's dresser last week too! It is just perfect for his nursery that I am envisioning! I can't believe everything is coming together so well, I didn't even have a plan until the day we found out he was a he then it just all came to me. I can't wait until after the holidays to really start painting and putting things up.

His carseat came in too! Lucas was very excited and wanted to see it in action :)

We finally got to see Frozen on Sunday. I was slightly disappointed (gasp!) but I had NO idea it was a princess movie, clearly I should do a little research, but Lucas loved it, go figure! ha!

Lucas' class has a book exchange on Friday. I found this at walmart and thought it was just perfect!

 Love love love my house this time of year. I think my house was built for Christmas time. It's just so cozy and I love my Christmas tree. I kinda wish it was acceptable to leave it up year round. 

 Saturday night we had my work Christmas party it was fun to get dressed up and go eat a yummy dinner. I really really wanted one good picture of Brent and I before we left. I thought Lucas would be a great candidate for the job. ha! He did pretty good but next time I should just set up the tripod. Poor thing.

 But we got some other cute ones :)

That's all the pictures I have!
I LOVE this time of year but this year is just wearing me out!

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Brittney said...

SO many fun pictures! Love your monogram sweatshirt and your pretty tree!