Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Tidbits! {lots a pictures}

  • We are in full blown Christmas time at my house! We had good Thanksgiving and I have a ton of pictures of the last few weeks to share :)
  • Having the fire place going is one of my favorite things! All the boys wanted to get their picture taken sitting by the fire, I have no idea why but I'll take it!
  • Chippy came back to see us this week! He even brought Lucas some very special jammies!

  • We celebrated Brent's 34th birthday this weekend! His birthday was Friday!  

  • We got the house and yard ready for Christmas! Lucas picked out this little guy to bring home!

Love seeing Lane's little half stocking up there :)
He will have a real one next year of course!

 This little white tree is one from my grandma's house. She gave it to me this year and I am so happy she did. I just love it and it hold a lot of memories for me :)

  • We had two Thanksgiving dinners, for lunch we went to my sister in law's and then for dinner we hosted for my side. I love love love to host holidays so I had fun!

  • Putting together a little Santa playmobile set before dinner.

  •  My little turkey (or shall I say ham!) on Thanksgiving day!

  • The week of Thanksgiving I was off work so we spent the days playing with friends and doing lots of fun stuff! We went to the mall, to McDonalds, to see a movie,and lots of time spent playing games and play doh at home too!

  •  AND a few weekends ago we finally (after a year) grouted the backsplash in the kitchen!! Now I can officially say my kitchen is DONE!! I love it so much and I am so proud of all the work Brent did!

  • We had Luke's parent teacher conference a few weeks ago and he is doing so good in his class! They are learning word families right now and after the first of the year they will start with READING!! I am so excited for him and could not be more proud :)

  • Wheew that was a big in! Hopefully I won't let some many weeks go before my next post! ha!

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