Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BumpDate {weeks 21 -23}

Me and baby #2 are moving right along!
I thought I'd better do an update before the pictures really get out of hand.
He is moving around so much and I just love feeling him in there.
We have decided on a name! Lane Ottis Roper.
Ottis (pronounced with a long O) is Brent's paternal grandfathers name, he passed before I got to meet him but I know he was a special man and I am happy to give my baby his name. Lane, I have had on my baby name list for years and it has just stuck with me. I really really love it and think it's perfect for this little one :)

                                 Here we are at 21 weeks.

On Thanksgiving! 22 weeks. Before I ate to much! ha! And my hair looks to be growing just as much as the rest of me. Weird.

And I have really picked up the pace in the shopping department! He won't need much at all but it's too fun not to buy baby stuff. hehe

 I have also been working on the nursery! I don't have a one word 'theme' really but I put this little collage together to give some idea as to where my head is going with this..... Of course I will post more once I get more of it together.... after Christmas :)

He has his own Scentsy buddy waiting on him. Same puppy as big brothers' :)

 And I could not resist ordering this! They didn't have these when Lucas was a baby and I think they are so funny!

 Also this will be what we put his toys in in his room. It will have an L on it. I think it will be precious!!

 The other day I had the strong urge for an orange! It's funny because I did the same thing with Lucas. I ate some many cuties and oranges my doctor had to tell me to slow down! I wonder if this time will be the same way. ha!

 Another bump picture! I am insane. yes! Almost 23 weeks in this one!

That's about it! I am so ready to meet this little guy! I am trying not to wish this time away and I am enjoying Lucas for sure but we are all so ready for this sweet baby!!
Only 121 days to go!!

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