Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • I can't believe it's already Thursday again! This summer is going by so fast!! This week feels like a deja vu of last week that's for sure, Brent's been out of town and Luke and I have been going to school/work and swimming and watching t.v. Summer time musts :)

  • I am counting down the days until we leave for Branson! 12 days!! Can. Not. Wait.

  • I didn't post anything about our weekend. We didn't do a whole lot but we did go see Turbo and we got Netflix!

Chopping veggies and watching t.v. so awesome!
  • Let me just say I am loving Netflix! I'm sad we didn't do this sooner. I've been watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager (hate me) and I just love watching a bunch of episodes in a row and I'm finding movies I'd never heard of! Just wish there was a 'Lifetime' move section! ha!
  • I know you are thinking wow this girl needs a life. LOL!

  • I got this pretty picture of Cooper last night. He is such a sweet dog and Lucas' best friend.

  • Pool time is the best!
                I had no idea that this whale was going to be so big! It looks hilarious in our little pool!  

  • I made Luke some Kool-Aid the other day because I don't think he'd ever had it before. I had forgotten how seriously yummy kool-aid is! And brings me back to my childhood.

  • Got to see sweet Emmy the other night. She is growing so fast!

  • My flower bed is looking so good with all this rain! My hydrangeas are loving it!  

That's all I got! Happy Thursday!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • We have had a slow and easy week. Lots of time at home watching to much tv. Brent has been out of town since Monday morning and we cannot wait for him to get home today!

  • Yesterday to ease our troubles we made a trip to the Target shopping area (what's it called?) for some froyo and shopping!
At Cherry Berry!

  • We went to Books a Million after and got a some books. If you are in the market they are having a great sale, all their 'bargain books' are buy 2 get 1 free! Luke and I each got three books for $20! That's a little over $3 a book!  Steal of a deal!

  • I got these three. I started Cemetery Girl last night and cannot put it down! And I sure can't wait to read The Sister Wife! I'll review the ones I make it through ;)

  • I think this little guy has adopted us. He seems very sweet and hungry. Him and Chip have been inseparable all week long and I thought that he had been eating Chip's food but come to find out he didn't know how to get to the food so I put the bowl out more for him and he was eating like crazy, poor thing. I'll have to work with him some to get him to let us pet him then take him to the vet, not even sure he's a he but we certainly don't want baby kitties! eeek! I think Chip has missed having a companion to lay in the flower bed with since we lost Callie. Luke has named him TeToe! ha!

 I don't think Brent will ever leave town for this long again! haha! And yes I am a crazy cat lady!

  • Found Lucas watching t.v. like this! Had to take a picture! :)

  • Have you ever tried this stuff!? Ah-mazing! Says it works on just about everything I've only tried it on stainless so far but wow my sink is shining colors I didn't even know it had! My sink seriously looks better than the day we put it in! Can't wait to try it elsewhere in the house.  

  • Loving this song and album!

  • We have zero plans for the weekend and it feels awesome!! Of course we will proabaly need to cut the grass and I can always spend a day cleaning house but other than that nothing. Hoping for a date night!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!

This sweet little boy has been keeping me company while his daddy is out of town this week. 
Lately he has been playing alone for long periods of time in the evening and it is truly bitter sweet. I love to see him grow but he will always be my baby :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Things!

I've been the worst momma lately with pictures! I just never seem to get any anymore! Need to be better at that for sure!
We had lots of summer fun this weekend!
Friday we stayed home and Luke and I played in the pool while Brent made dinner on the grill.
Brent and  I watched The Call with Halle Berry in it and it was freaky!

Saturday we all slept in almost til 11! Then got up and around and went to Chilis for lunch and then to see Despicable Me 2. It was pretty cute.
After that we ran to Target, Old Navy, and Bed Bath and Beyond to run some errands.
Then home for more pool time and grilling!
That night we watched Cloud Atlus and it was really hard for me to follow but I think Brent was ok with it.

Sunday we had parties all. day. long! It was wild and crazy and hectic!
We started the day at Eviee's 2nd birthday!

Lucas loved swimming with all the kids!

Luke and the birthday girl!

After we left there we headed to Mema's so I could drop Luke off with her. I went to get my first ever massage (which was glorious! and I may be hooked. For real!) Luke went with Mema to a Thirty One party. He had fun playing at Brayden's house. I met them there once I was done.

Then we went to Emma and Wyatt's (kids from tball) party at the country club here in Greenwood. That was so fun! The pool is huge and lots of space to spread out! Kinda considering having a party there myself!

Lots of fun! Lots of friends! And now I am exhausted and still trying to catch up from Sunday! ha!
Hope your weekend was great!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday!

  • Got this text from Brent earlier! Day date with my boys! I could not be more excited! Love a trip to the movies on a hot afternoon.  
  •  Last night Luke and I played in the pool for a long time. I mean really played, hard. I was so tired by the time I got out I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do anything else the rest of the night. But it was SO fun! Took my mind off of a lot of things.

  • Wednesday night I had a school board meeting and Brent was out of town so Luke got to go with me! I was so proud of him being so nice and quiet playing on his Kindle for close to an hour while I sat through the meeting. Gosh he is getting so big. I just couldn't be happier to be his momma :)

  • I have to go to Target after work for some stuff, I looking forward to that!

  • I've been using Wen shampoo for a month now and I am still unsure of it. I do think my hair is much more healthy but I don't think it looks any better in fact most days I think it look weighed down and even oily. So I am still on the fence. I use it for 3 or 4 days then on the 4th or 5th day I wash with regular shampoo. This has worked well so I think I will keep that up for a while longer and see what happens.

Welp that's all I got!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Glad to be back on the blogging wagon! I have missed it so. :)

  • I've been is such a melancholy mood this week. I don't have any real reason why, just a bunch of little things catching up with me I guess. I've been fighting summer allergies (really now I have them in the summer too!?) all week and they are about to finish me off! So irritating.

  • I also thought I lost my wedding rings on Tuesday. Worst feeling in the world! I went to put them on on Tuesday morning and they were no where to be found! I remember taking them off the night before to mess with the pool chemicals but couldn't remember where I put them! I spent all day at work Tuesday thinking the worst had happened to them! I went home and found them on the kitchen counter where I know I looked more than once! I was so happy and relieved! I mean I know my anniversary is coming up but that wasn't the way I wanted to get some new diamonds! ha!

  • Yep my four year anniversary is next month! Whoa I never thought I'd be married that long! I figured I'd be the divorce or separate after a year or two type, I know; I had such high hopes for my future, but no here we are four years later and I can honestly say I love Brent way more today than I did then. We have had some rough bumps in the road this past year but I wouldn't want to  be bumpin down this road with anyone else. Brent is everything to me.

  • In four weeks we will be headed to Branson for our first vacation of the summer! I am so excited! That Friday (the 9th) we are going boating on Table Rock lake, I can't wait to see how Luke likes the boat and lake experience it's been a few years since we've done that. I love that we go to Branson every year on the same weekend with family and friends it has become one of my most looked forward events of the year. I also love that it holds so many special memories for Brent and I. So fun :)

  • Brent has gotten me into some old music lately (well I say old but don't mean way old just older :) I've been listening to Willie Nelson, the Eagles, and Shinedown. Sure I've always known of these folks but I am actually enjoying them now, I would love to go to one of their concerts! ha!

  • Luke and I tried to get Library cards on Monday. In GW they have you fill out some info then they mail you a letter which you have to take back to the library to get your card. We are still waiting on our letter......Hoping it comes soon I want to get started on some books and Luke found some he wanted to check out too :)

  • I got all my loot from my Scentsy party in earlier this week! It was a lot of yummy goodness! My favorite being the solid perfume in Luna! I'd been wanting to try it for a while now and it is so good! Goes on great and smells heavenly. 

  • We are so enjoying our little pool! I am happy that Lucas loves it so much we swim almost every day after school or in the evening. I am grateful for something that gets him out of the house! We had Ethan over to swim on Tuesday and hopefully more friends will come next week!

  • Sunday I am going for my first ever massage! I am very excited! To bad it's in between a whole lotta goings on we have on Sunday but for that hour I will be relaxed!

  • Hoping this weekend we can make to the movies to see the new Despicable Me movie! I've heard it's really good! I'm just mostly excited for the popcorn ;)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Married to a {Drag} Racer!

My husband Brent is a drag racer.

He has a car, strictly for going down the racetrack. He has a trailer to haul it in and tons and tons of gear to go with.
5 or 6 times a year (or more some years) he goes to the racetrack and goes down the track at close to 100 mph of course there are many cars there that go even faster than that.
The passion for the sport eludes me but it is growing on me.
For me it is less about the sport itself and more about the people.
I see a passion in Brent that is truly amazing. I see Lucas experiencing every little boys dream. I see families with kids driving and dads beaming with pride. I see fans who would rather be at the track than anywhere else. I see the track owners working so hard because they love this sport and want to see it keep on even while they make no money.

                                                 Brent's Car

I never thought I'd be married to someone who drag races. Never.
When Brent and I got together he told me he was building a race car. I didn't think much of it. I thought he was like ever other guy and just talked a lot but never followed through. But he did.
While I was pregnant he worked on his car and took me to the racetrack to get acquainted with the sport I suppose. We also went to Las Vegas to a NHRA race when I was pregnant and I had never experienced anything like that before, still haven't. Everyone needs to go to a 'real' drag race one time in their life. It will
literally make your head spin!

Once Luke came along Brent put racing on the back burner for a while but it wasn't long after Luke was walking that Brent had to take him to see daddy race! Luke has been hooked ever since. I have countless pictures of Lucas sleeping at the racetrack. The noise has never bothered him and he's never been scared. Now there has been a few times that I have been scared and he could tell something wasn't right and would be upset.

I have seen one major accident in my short span as a racetrack wife, but I've also seen a few others that messed up the cars pretty bad and shook up the drivers and fans. Those really get to me all I can think about is Brent of course and how sometimes I think it's not IF you will wreck it's when. Brent assures me he will be safe. He has all the safety equipment and all will be fine but sometimes I get really truly scared. I think that's just a wife, momma, woman thing. :)

Something else that has been talked about since before he was born was Luke racing. He can race as a Jr Dragster when he turns eight! That's four more years! He talks about driving a jr dragster a lot! As a mom I am scared to put my baby in a car and let him go 'fast' but another part of me can't wait for him to share that with his dad. I know time will only tell weather Luke will have the racing bug.

And if I am being honest I've had plenty of times that I was annoyed by Brent's love for racing. I have thrown my fair share of embarrassing fits over being at the track late into the night or not wanting to spend money on car parts but the more I'm around it and the wiser I have become I am proud that Brent has a wholesome hobby to involve his kids in. I'm happy to see him spend his hard earned money on something he enjoys.

I'm not sure why I felt the need to get all this out there. I don't talk about racing a whole lot because I've always felt it's 'Brent's thing' but the older Lucas gets the more I can see it becoming his thing too and if both my boys are at the racetrack where else would I rather be. Odd how parenting will always change ya :)

                        And see here is some evidence I do have some fun at the race track ;)

My first and only ride to date down the drag strip! Brent took me for a spin down the track in cousin Gary's car because his doesn't have a passenger seat!

I sure do love my handsome race car driver :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Few {More} Fun Pics!

Some more summer pictures I didn't want to leave hangin :)

Lucas had his tball party last week! We had such a fun time at the little Lake in town.

We have made some fun friends at tball! Hoping to be on the same team next year!

We've also had fun taking the mustang out and about! Brent even put it on the racetrack this past weekend to see how fast it could go!

We went to a fun party at Brent's bosses house! Lots of yummy food and pool time!

Both these two love shrimp and crab!

Eating cake and ice cream at Uncle Jason's birthday party with friends!

Holding sweet baby Emmy! Look at that skirt! ha!

Dirty little boy at the racetrack!

Last day of swimming lessons! He was the only boy in his class but didn't seem to mind at all :)

Even got a trophy!

I went to a painting party with my work girls! I painted this for Luke's room.

It was tons of fun and I can't wait to do it again!

Helping daddy peel shrimp for the bbq!