Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • We have had a slow and easy week. Lots of time at home watching to much tv. Brent has been out of town since Monday morning and we cannot wait for him to get home today!

  • Yesterday to ease our troubles we made a trip to the Target shopping area (what's it called?) for some froyo and shopping!
At Cherry Berry!

  • We went to Books a Million after and got a some books. If you are in the market they are having a great sale, all their 'bargain books' are buy 2 get 1 free! Luke and I each got three books for $20! That's a little over $3 a book!  Steal of a deal!

  • I got these three. I started Cemetery Girl last night and cannot put it down! And I sure can't wait to read The Sister Wife! I'll review the ones I make it through ;)

  • I think this little guy has adopted us. He seems very sweet and hungry. Him and Chip have been inseparable all week long and I thought that he had been eating Chip's food but come to find out he didn't know how to get to the food so I put the bowl out more for him and he was eating like crazy, poor thing. I'll have to work with him some to get him to let us pet him then take him to the vet, not even sure he's a he but we certainly don't want baby kitties! eeek! I think Chip has missed having a companion to lay in the flower bed with since we lost Callie. Luke has named him TeToe! ha!

 I don't think Brent will ever leave town for this long again! haha! And yes I am a crazy cat lady!

  • Found Lucas watching t.v. like this! Had to take a picture! :)

  • Have you ever tried this stuff!? Ah-mazing! Says it works on just about everything I've only tried it on stainless so far but wow my sink is shining colors I didn't even know it had! My sink seriously looks better than the day we put it in! Can't wait to try it elsewhere in the house.  

  • Loving this song and album!

  • We have zero plans for the weekend and it feels awesome!! Of course we will proabaly need to cut the grass and I can always spend a day cleaning house but other than that nothing. Hoping for a date night!!

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