Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Things!

I've been the worst momma lately with pictures! I just never seem to get any anymore! Need to be better at that for sure!
We had lots of summer fun this weekend!
Friday we stayed home and Luke and I played in the pool while Brent made dinner on the grill.
Brent and  I watched The Call with Halle Berry in it and it was freaky!

Saturday we all slept in almost til 11! Then got up and around and went to Chilis for lunch and then to see Despicable Me 2. It was pretty cute.
After that we ran to Target, Old Navy, and Bed Bath and Beyond to run some errands.
Then home for more pool time and grilling!
That night we watched Cloud Atlus and it was really hard for me to follow but I think Brent was ok with it.

Sunday we had parties all. day. long! It was wild and crazy and hectic!
We started the day at Eviee's 2nd birthday!

Lucas loved swimming with all the kids!

Luke and the birthday girl!

After we left there we headed to Mema's so I could drop Luke off with her. I went to get my first ever massage (which was glorious! and I may be hooked. For real!) Luke went with Mema to a Thirty One party. He had fun playing at Brayden's house. I met them there once I was done.

Then we went to Emma and Wyatt's (kids from tball) party at the country club here in Greenwood. That was so fun! The pool is huge and lots of space to spread out! Kinda considering having a party there myself!

Lots of fun! Lots of friends! And now I am exhausted and still trying to catch up from Sunday! ha!
Hope your weekend was great!

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