Friday, July 5, 2013

Few Fun Pics!

Not even sure how to start this post! ha!
I've been a little MIA from my little blog, not meaning to but just have so many thoughts and feelings and things going on I don't know how or when to update! Good problem to have I suppose :)

But never the less I have a few pictures I wanted to share.

I've made this yummy pasta salad twice now (added and taken away a few ingredients of course) and it is just so good! I'd never had cheese in my pasta salad before SO much better!

Also made these stuffed mushrooms. Really good and slightly on the not so bad for you side too :) They are just baby portabella mushrooms with the stems removed. Saute the chopped stems, onion, and bell pepper in a little olive oil. When those are done add a couple pinches of cheese and some bread crumbs. Put the mixture in the tops and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Great party food!

We've been having such a fun summer! Luke still goes to his school 5 days a week and I work of course so even though our days are still the same as the rest of the year there is so much more going on as well.
It's been fun spending lots of time outside and inside just hanging around the house.

Watching a movie

Trip to Toy's R Us for a little look see :)
Lucas is the best kid to take to a toy store he never wants to buy anything he just wants to look at everything at least twice! ha!

Naps on a pillow pallet he made :)

The best and most exciting thing to happen this week is daddy bought us a pool!!

Lucas has already spent hours in it and we haven't even had it two full days!
I'm excited to spend some time in the sun this weekend myself.
I keep saying this is my starter pool :)

Hope you and yours had a great 4th!

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