Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Glad to be back on the blogging wagon! I have missed it so. :)

  • I've been is such a melancholy mood this week. I don't have any real reason why, just a bunch of little things catching up with me I guess. I've been fighting summer allergies (really now I have them in the summer too!?) all week and they are about to finish me off! So irritating.

  • I also thought I lost my wedding rings on Tuesday. Worst feeling in the world! I went to put them on on Tuesday morning and they were no where to be found! I remember taking them off the night before to mess with the pool chemicals but couldn't remember where I put them! I spent all day at work Tuesday thinking the worst had happened to them! I went home and found them on the kitchen counter where I know I looked more than once! I was so happy and relieved! I mean I know my anniversary is coming up but that wasn't the way I wanted to get some new diamonds! ha!

  • Yep my four year anniversary is next month! Whoa I never thought I'd be married that long! I figured I'd be the divorce or separate after a year or two type, I know; I had such high hopes for my future, but no here we are four years later and I can honestly say I love Brent way more today than I did then. We have had some rough bumps in the road this past year but I wouldn't want to  be bumpin down this road with anyone else. Brent is everything to me.

  • In four weeks we will be headed to Branson for our first vacation of the summer! I am so excited! That Friday (the 9th) we are going boating on Table Rock lake, I can't wait to see how Luke likes the boat and lake experience it's been a few years since we've done that. I love that we go to Branson every year on the same weekend with family and friends it has become one of my most looked forward events of the year. I also love that it holds so many special memories for Brent and I. So fun :)

  • Brent has gotten me into some old music lately (well I say old but don't mean way old just older :) I've been listening to Willie Nelson, the Eagles, and Shinedown. Sure I've always known of these folks but I am actually enjoying them now, I would love to go to one of their concerts! ha!

  • Luke and I tried to get Library cards on Monday. In GW they have you fill out some info then they mail you a letter which you have to take back to the library to get your card. We are still waiting on our letter......Hoping it comes soon I want to get started on some books and Luke found some he wanted to check out too :)

  • I got all my loot from my Scentsy party in earlier this week! It was a lot of yummy goodness! My favorite being the solid perfume in Luna! I'd been wanting to try it for a while now and it is so good! Goes on great and smells heavenly. 

  • We are so enjoying our little pool! I am happy that Lucas loves it so much we swim almost every day after school or in the evening. I am grateful for something that gets him out of the house! We had Ethan over to swim on Tuesday and hopefully more friends will come next week!

  • Sunday I am going for my first ever massage! I am very excited! To bad it's in between a whole lotta goings on we have on Sunday but for that hour I will be relaxed!

  • Hoping this weekend we can make to the movies to see the new Despicable Me movie! I've heard it's really good! I'm just mostly excited for the popcorn ;)

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