Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's a.....

Healthy baby BOY!!

We are all so so excited! He looks perfect and is weighing in at 13oz which is actually 2 oz bigger than 'average' I know at this point all is a prediction but it's fun to think he is a strong big baby :)

He doesn't have a name yet but we are working on it. I want something cute, simple, can grow with him and it would be a bonus if it started with a 'L'.

I am so in love! I woke up this morning and couldn't believe I really am having another baby boy! I feel so so blessed and so undeserving. I can't wait to see him and Lucas blossom into best friends. I am so excited about the thought of bunk beds, shared toys, games and movies and daddies own little racing team! It is just going to be the best!
But first I am looking forward to baby boy clothes! I am in my element when I am on the boy 'side' of Carters. I went there right after I left the doctors office while the boys went to the sporting goods store :)

I found him a few cute things, he definitely won't need much I kept almost all of Luke's clothes but it's still fun to buy him a few things and I know this won't be the last :)  

Last night we went to eat and celebrate with family. It was a fun time to talk about this little one that will be joining our family in a few short months! We are so ready and so happy! He is coming into a family full of love for him and a big brother that can't wait to see him and teach him so many things!

So yep if I wasn't already I am most for sure now a 'boy mom' and I could not be happier to be joining that club!
 Thank you again for all that have prayed for us on this journey. It means more than you know.

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