Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween and Then Some!

We didn't have a very good Halloween night this year :(
I got a call from Luke's school around 2 saying he was running fever. I went to get him and he was not feeling good. He tried really hard to have a little bit of fun but stayed on the couch for the most part. It was heartbreaking.
We did get our pumpkins carved the night before. Brent and Lucas did a great job with those!

In better news.... We got a new car!! It's a 2010 Hemi Challenger! I am in love and having SO much fun driving it! It is so nice and I LOVE the inside!

Luke and I will have a blast the next few months driving this to school and work! And it will be fun for day trips and date nights :)

 The only thing I really want to change on it is the wheels. I want them back the original silver-y color. Other than that she is perfect to me! Of course Brent has a few things he wants to add to it! ha!

I am feeling very spoiled to have such a fun cool car to drive! It is quite different than my Tahoe (which I still adore) but I love it! It has taken Brent many years but I think he may be slowly turning me into a car girl ;)

This weekend we spent the whole weekend at the track! It was a fun time with family and friends! Really good weather on Sunday too!

It was a different kind (bracket) of racing this weekend so Brent didn't get to go to many rounds but we all had fun and made a little getaway weekend out of it!

 I turned 18 weeks on Friday and had to get a picture in the huge mirror in the hotel room :)

Today it's back to work and school and that is not as fun but hey I did get to drive a Challenger to work! hehe

Life is good!

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