Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

I kinda fell off the blogging wagon for a little bit.....

Last week Luke's class had a field trip to Steffy's pizza! He got to go to work with me for a little bit that morning. He loves coming to the office to draw pictures and talk to the girls. ha! 

                                  Making pizza!
                      Lucas decided he wanted to make a happy face pizza. So he used pepperonis for the eyes, nose and mouth and cheese for the hair!

Turned 19 weeks this past weekend! Belly is really getting bigger, baby is kicking like crazy and I can even feel him/her on the outside! Every time Brent's around though he/she won't move! I can't wait for him and Lucas to feel. Lucas is in LOVE with Coco. He's always wanting to talk to the baby and kiss my belly it's just the sweetest thing. He is going to be one incredible big brother and I can't wait to see him transition.

I am taking way to many bump pictures but I just can't help it! I only have maybe 3 from my pregnancy with Lucas and I regret that majorly. SO anytime I am feeling good I take a picture. Went out to eat with family Sunday night so it was worth a picture :)

 I looked over the other night and all 3 boys were piled up in the chair! So glad I got a picture! Cooper is so funny! He is probably the worst dog we've ever had, as in behavior, but he is just so sweet! We can't help but love him.

Monday since I was off work for Veterans day Luke and I went to see the new turkey movie. It was pretty horrible but Lucas seemed to like it. We had the theater to ourselves so that was kinda fun too :)

Tis the season for lots of yummy once a year treats!

Last month I signed up for Stitch Fix. I really need to do a review post and maybe I will once I have a few more months worth of experience but anyway I got my first box on Tuesday. I realllllly loved 4 of the 5 items but only kept 3 this birdy top was one of them. I couldn't believe how well they really knew my style. This is a perfect way for moms (or anyone really) to add some nice things to your wardrobe without the hassle of actual shopping.

We are less than FIVE days away from finding out what this little one is! I couldn't be more excited! I posted this picture on facebook and it's about 50/50 of who thinks it's a girl or boy. I seriously have no idea, I don't have any intuition this time. I thought I did with Luke and was wrong. ha! We will know Tuesday at 12:30! I am mostly excited for Lucas to see the baby moving around and such. I think he will just be in awe, finding out the gender will just be the cherry on top :)
If caffeine is any indication of one gender or the other then that would be a great way for me to tell this time! ha! It is seriously all I think about some days. I am trying to remember the moderation rule and I hadn't had any coffee this whole time but last Friday I just couldn't resist anymore so I will make this a weekly treat. I got one this morning so I didn't quite make it til Friday. I have had Coke a few times for special occasions like going to the movies and on Halloween. Sweet tea is my go to. I do have that every 2 or 3 days. For some reason I think tea is the better of the 3 evils. I never drank any coke, tea, or coffee with Luke so maybe it's the"already having one to keep up with thing." I don't know.
See I told you I think about it way to much! hehe

Tuesday we met some friends to play at McDonald's. There is a McDonald's play place right by Luke's school and he asks all the time to go play so we did. I loved seeing these two play together and I loved catching up with Tori. We were inseparable all though grade school and it is just so neat but so weird that we have boys so close in age. They are always instant friends even though we don't get to see them that much.

I guess that's about it! We have ZERO plans for the weekned and I am so happy about that :)

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