Monday, May 7, 2012

Perfect Weekend!

We had such a good weekend a little busy, a little lazy but the perfect mix of both!

Friday evening we had some friends over for a cookout. It was pretty fun and the kids had a blast! This was Luke's first time to get some passengers in the "Gator" and they were all loving it!

We lit a fire and made Somore's and chatted for a bit.
It was so fun having all of us in the same place, I really hope to make this a regular, at least monthly thing (what do you girls think?) 
It's good for the kiddos but even better for our mommy souls.  

Saturday was our busy day we got up and around and went to the tire shop to get the race car fixed up. Luke and I stayed in the truck and waited for daddy.

Lucas loves taking pictures and I love those pudgy toes.
After the tire shop we went to eat and play at Chick fil a then we headed to Ethan's party!
It was so nice outside and the kids had so much fun! Amanda took these pictures, she did so good!

After the party we had a family cook out at Uncle Randy's house, it was so nice to see everyone, most of who we hadn't seen since Christmas! We stayed pretty late and the boys slept in on Sunday, I did a lot of chores around the house cooked dinner and baked cookies and ended up staying up to late reading and watching a movie!

Such fun times with family and friends, it really doesn't get any better!


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