Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • We close on our new home loan on May 6th, I'll be the first to admit that it's not near as exciting as the first time but yay for a lower interest rate!
  • Saturday we will be at the racetrack most of the day. The racetrack isn't really my thing but Brent is my thing and I like to show my support every now and then. I don't say it much but I am grateful Brent has a hobby he is passionate about.  So I'm gonna bring my chair and book and sit in the sun, let Luke play in the dirt and eat cheese burgers from the concession stand :)
  • ALSO on Saturday morning I am going to a barre class. I'm pretty excited but just about as scared. A friend from work has been going for a while now and they just opened a Saturday class (which is the only one I can make) hopefully I'll be able to make it though it without dying! ha!
  • Bible study was so good this week. The ladies and the book are just so good for my soul right now. I am learning so much. I am feeling so blessed by it all. Chapter 9 really hit home for me, so so good. God is so good!
  • We have tball practice tonight and Luke's first game is Monday. We'll miss Tuesday's tball game for his spring program at school. Busy season!
  • Since it is now April (crazy) I can't help but think about July coming just around the corner and what that means or may not mean for my family. I'm not sure what the 'approprite' amount of info is to share on this subject so forgive me if it's too much, but we have planned for a while that July would be the month we start trying for another baby.That will have given my body 9 months 'off' which I still think is/was the best thing we could/can do. I am getting less scared and more excited as each day passes. I want to hope for the best but plan for the worst. I am praying all goes well but it's hard to trust my body so what I need to work on is trusting God. He knows what we need and He has our plan already laid out. This could be my biggest challenge yet. I could go on and on about this but I won't.
  • On a lighter note or shall I say darker, I colored my hair last night! Kinda on a whim but not really. I've had the box of brown bought for over a month but just never found the time or was scared to take the plunge but last night I did it! I am loving it! A fun little change and the best part hardly anyone has noticed that means it must look pretty natural :) I still need to go in for a cut too I'm sure missing my hair girl.
  • I guess that's it. Life is so good, we are truly blessed!


Brittney said...

I have some coworkers that love barre! I went to a kickboxing class there that was great!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Love your hair! You will have to tell me about the barre class. I will be praying about your sweet "baby situation". God is good. . .love on Lucas while waiting for Gods perfect time.