Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Lucas had his first tball game on Monday night. He did pretty good. He had fun and didn't cry so that is a win in my book! So far his favorite parts of tball are the snacks and cheering for who ever hits the ball (his team or the other)  hitting off the tee and the playing in the dirt. So I say all in all we are doing pretty good ;)
  • Lucas also had his spring program at school this week. Now this is something he can get into. He loves being on stage and making people laugh and he did not disappoint on Tuesday night. He makes me so proud!
  • I got my hair cut yesterday and finally made the ever so hard decision to get bangs. I am still unsure if that was a smart move but I think it will be a live and learn experience for sure! And as we have learned in bible study if not liking my hair is the worst to happen to me this week then that is good with me!

I like them better pushed over like this.

But mostly I like them like this. lol!
  • Sometimes I forget how good I have it. Sometimes all it takes is a text from a friend or family member to put it all into perspective. My heart hurts for those who don't have a supportive family, loving spouse, or healthy kids. I want to remember to count my blessings every single minute but life so often gets in the way. It is such a hard balance.
  • This week has been a loooooog week. Work has been brutal and we've been so busy in the evenings all week. I am looking forward to the weekend so much!
  • I am also looking forward to barre on Saturday! I've been sore most of the week but that is ok! My legs will look amazing for it ;)
  • I am trying really hard to get healthier, I'm not to concerned with my eating as much but I want to get back exercising, drinking water, and taking my vitamins. Hard stuff y'all!

  • Brent finally found a new (to us) truck! We are so excited it is so nice and being a mega cab it has more room in the backseat than my Tahoe! It will be great for long rides to the track and I kinda can't wait to drive it some too :)

  • I had something kinda fun/funny happen to me yesterday (besides the bangs, I'm not able to laugh at that yet lol!) Luke and I had a playdate fall threw yesterday so we went to the park to play for a bit. Another lady and her 2 girls where there playing. I sit down and am browsing through my phone on FB and see that Laura (the lady that helps take care of Brent's mom) was tagged in post that said something like "waiting on Laura at Bell Park" and I thought hey! I'm at Bell Park! so I look over and I ask if she is waiting on Laura and she was! It was kinda neat. Luke got to play with is best friends Zoe and Tyler and he made a few new ones. I got to chat with Laura and made a new friend too. Love when fun stuff like that happens :)
  • Please keep my sister in law in your prayers, she is having a hard time with her blood pressure and isn't due with baby Emmy til the end of May. We are praying she can make it a few more weeks before they have to take the baby.


Brittney said...

I love that cute water cup! And I'll be praying for your sister-in-law!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Didn't know you had a pregnant sister n law...cute cup....and Lucas in that uniform is so adorable!!