Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Weekend!

We had a very summer fun filled weekend! I am loving having someone to play with this summer! ha!

Friday we went to Friday's to eat and then to play at Chuck E. Cheese with Aunt Kristin, Uncle Jay, and WayWay! Lucas had a blast at Chucky's and got to see him! Lucas loves that big mouse, it kinda gives me the willy's! He won 100 tickets, with the help of momma's Sketball skills, and got a big blue crayon!

Saturday we hung around the house until lunch time.
Then we packed up our bikes, went to Geno's for lunch and then found a trail to ride on! It was SO much fun! We rode for 5 miles, it took us over an hour but we did the whole trail! There were some moments I was not happy and I think I may have cried from the pain but I did it! One of the steepest hills, at the top is look out of the city! So neat and very worth it!  I can't wait to go back!

After we got home and  I got Luke down for a nap I rewarded myself with a trip to the nail place! ha! I hadn't been in ages but got a manicure and pedicure, I got shellac put on my nails to help with my biting habit but I think it was old or applied wrong because it was flaking off by the time I got home, I peeled it all off last night :/ O well! My toes still look cute! Ha! Saturday night we had Mexican take out and it was yummy!
Sunday we got up and got ready to check out a water park near by with Ashley and Ethan!

Lucas had the best time! He loves water so much and just jumped right in!

He went down the only slide that he could about 10 times and wanted so bad to go down the others but he's to short :)

We played there for 3 hours and the boys were not ready to leave!

I loved it because while he played in the wading pool I can sun bathe! Awesome.

I can see us going back many more times this summer!

After we got home we went to eat with Nana and Papa at Geno's (yes again, Brent's on a low cal diet and that is the only place to get good sandwiches in Greenwood ha!)

And that's about it!
 I usually loath summer time but this one is beginning pretty darn good!

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